Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Looking at the Calendar

I looked at the calendar and realized that I am a very bad blogger as I last posted in June and now it's ALMOST JULY!

Can we say busy?

Yes we can!

This has been a very busy summer!

So Far this summer:

The kids have gone camping twice.  Jaron caught 1 fish, Janea 3 fish.  They had a great time with their grandparents and I am grateful for the time they have with them.

The Firstborn well, she is now officially a TEENAGER!  I am not old enough to have a teenager!  I can't believe how mature and awesome she is and I am looking forward to seeing how she will grow and change.

Dan and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary by going out for a steak dinner and seeing Monster's University without the kids.!  It's amazing how far we have come in our marriage and seeing how much better friends and partners we are as the years go by.

We spent the 4th with friends and had fun lighting off fireworks and such, Jayden isn't a huge fan of the noise though.

Jayden has moved into pullups and we are beginning the potty training process.

School starts for me the 5th but for the big kids on the 15th.  So we are gearing up for the new school year and hoping we get everything done!

It's a crazy life, but it's mine!