Monday, August 30, 2010

Right Now

I'm feeling tired

I'm eating peanut butter toast.

I'm frustrated that the place i need to call isn't open until 9:30 and then i will be at work and will have to wait till 2 to call and I'm hoping I don't forget.

I'm killing time before leaving for work.

I'm not sure if I'm liking my new schedule!

Friday, August 27, 2010


Sorry it's been busy around here and I am adjusting to a new schedule so I'm behind on blogging.

1. I got a job! Praise God! I am working at a childcare center as the lead teacher for the older 3s and younger 4s. I've been training all week.

2. My new hours are 9;30-6:30. Makes for a long day. Especially since I get up with the family and see everyone off. I do have a good hour of alone time where I have time to tidy up the house, get things ready for dinner and pack my lunch. I'm glad for this since I'm really tired when I get home at night.

3. We now have an afternoon child care person. The kids get to hang out for an hour and half with a babysitter and it seems to be working out well...only 3 days in but it's nice to not worry about.

4. the kiddos are doing good in school. They seem to like it and are learning the new routines well. We still need to work on the homework schedule but that won't be a big problem...Janea's got harder homework this year and is learning that she needs to allow more time.

5. Dan's doing well on Days and we're pretty much adjusted to being on the same schedule. We also have pretty much figured out sleeping again in the same bed so we are sleeping better.

Well that's a little that is going on...will update more I adjust more to our new hours.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Working Interview

Today I am going back and doing a working interview.

Basically I will teach a lesson and be observed to see what type of teacher I am.

It's going to be fun and yet it is a little bit stressful.

Here's hoping that I impress everyone!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Big Kids

I forgot to post these yesterday. Here are Janea and Jaron all ready for the first day of school! It's hard to believe that they are in 2nd and 5th grades! They are already enjoying school and it looks like it will be a good year. Getting Ready to head to the bus!

My handsome 2nd grader!

My beautiful and intense 5th grader!

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Day Before the First Day of School

Tomorrow is the first day of school.

The kids meet their teachers tonight.

We're getting excited.

I have an interview this morning.

Not sure what we will do this afternoon.

It's going to be a good day.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Last Minute Preparations

We're in the final push for school.

Got to get the last few things together.

We know which teachers the kiddos have for the upcoming year.

Jaron is in 2nd grade and not looking forward to school.

Janea is in 5th and nervous but excited all at the same time.

This weekend will be spent making sure all the laundry is done, lunch stuff is bought and plans are made.

It rained so it's not as hot this morning...a nice relief.

Back to school night is on will be different this year juggling 2 schools and 2 buses...I'm a little nervous about the process but know we will get it down.

I have an interview on's hoping I get a job too.

Can't believe how quickly the summer has gone by...looking forward to the upcoming School year!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Never a Dull Moment

This morning Janea and I were going about cleaning out some trashcans using the shower to fill them up with hot and soapy water in order to clean them out (they were really nasty). Well, we got them rinsed and filled with water and then Janea comes to me and says in a bit of a panic..."Mom, I can't turn the water off!" I go into the bathroom and the handle is only spinning and spinning. I try to use a screwdriver to get it to turn luck...I'm getting really really stressed and the bathroom is filling full of I call my DAD! He comes to my rescue...but he can't get it to turn off we have to turn the water off to the whole house! In the midst of this I accidently turned the water back on as I was trying to turn it completely off getting my Dad wet in the process...SORRY DAD! He tries all he can but says that we're going to have to call the maintenence department since he's not sure if a plumber is needed or not.
I see My Dad off on his way back to work and call the main office. Within 15 minutes the maintenence guy is here. He says the handle is broken but he won't get a new part until tomorrow but he is able to turn it so that the water is shut off so I can turn the water back on in the house! So now the shower looks like this...
It's times like this I am glad we are renting as opposed to homeowner since i don't have to fix this adrenaline rush later I can honestly say that I'm glad this is over!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Walking Woes

Last night we finished the season of volleyball. After our second game I called Dan to let him know I would be leaving shortly and that I was stopping at Burger King for a Frozen Coke on the way home.

Well, I walked into the building that has restrooms for those playing volleyball and as I was going through the door while talking on my cell phone to my husband I tripped not seeing the step and the door slammed on my foot....I have broken skin on both sides and boy does it hurt!

Some people can't walk and chew gum at the same time, I guess I can't walk and talk on my phone at the same time!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Game Time

They are playing nicely!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


We were talking about the discipline of God this morning at church. Talking about that God uses discipline to shape us into the person He was us to be. He is removing the impurities so that we become more a reflection of Him. It was a good reminder on dealing with discouragement and also on waiting on God's timing for things.

After church we had to use more strenuous discipline with one of the kids. The behavior was inappropriate and action was needed. So Dan had to discipline. Were we being mean? No we were trying to shape and mold our child into a more appropriate behavior.

Real world action to reinforce in me a Spiritual message. It's important to be a person who lives and deals appopriately with discipline.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


last night I went to bed before 8 was asleep before 9 and slept until 8:30 this was lovely.

That is all.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oh well..

The interview I had yesterday decided to hire someone else.

I guess it wasn't the job that God wanted me to have. I am glad that I got some more practice with the interviewing process and I am happy with the interview I gave. I will continue to look. I know that there is something out there for me.

Please pray that I will continue to have a good attitude about the process and that other opportunities will open up.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Being Helpful

Every morning since Dan has started on day shift, I help him by making him a nutritious smoothie for breakfast. He seems to enjoy them and I think I have finally perfected my here goes...

1. Start with clean blender
2. Add a 1/2 cup of frozen fruit...this morning I used peaches.
3. Add a protein and vitamin supplement...we use Whey protein and Ruby Reds by New Vitality.
4. Add yogurt...we use Vanilla you could use any type...I add 4 large soup spoonfuls
5. Add Flax oil...1-2 Tbsp.
6. Add milk...Dan prefers Soymilk to Cow Milk. I use about a cup and a half
At this stage it doesn't really look too yummy...more like a hodgepodge of stuff.

6. Blend until Smooth

7. Serve and Enjoy!
This smoothie is enough to help Dan get through to lunchtime. It works for us. Cleanup takes no longer than a bowl of cereal and all the parts are dishwasher safe!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Out with Daddy

Dan took the kiddos to get Shaved Ice last night while I was playing Volleyball. Jaron was really worried that I was missing out but Dan assured him I would get my own cold frozen treat on the way home. I did...a frozen coke from Burger King hit the spot after 2 hours of playing volleyball in the sticky Missouri summer evening.

The first Step

I have an interview tomorrow!

Praying that if it is God's will that it will be the job and if its not then it is a good opportunity to feel more worthwhile and have an opportunity to enhance my skills.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Well, I got notice that at least one of my options is no longer an option. Got an email stating that one application was no longer active.

2 more still out with that school district.

2 more I have no way of tracking.

I'm feeling bummed.

Keeping Busy

I've decided to no longer wait and wring my hands and worry about what I am doing job wise. I know God has something for me...I just need to wait on Him. I'm seeking and looking but I will not keep looking at my phone and demand that it ring.

My goals for the week include:

* kids's gotten bad

* change sheets on my bed and wash all bedding.

* finish the laundry, fold and put it all away.

* tackle my closet.

* Janea's room...rearrange.

If I get an interview...the week will include hair cuts and stuff...

Plus I get to play volleyball tonight and I have an AWANA meeting on Thursday. It's good to have things to do and keep my mind focused.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Countdown Begins

Today is the beginning of August...seriously, the year is flying by. I remember when I was a kid and time moved so much slower, or maybe I moved much faster I don't know. I can't get over the fact that it is August already.

The kids go back to school on the 17th. Hooray! They need to go back, they need to interact with other children, they need to be away from each other! I need them to quit fighting.

So the countdown to school begins...16 more days...I really hope I know something job wise for me by then...