Friday, October 31, 2008

I should have called in sick!

I really don't enjoy having school on Halloween. It just makes kids crazy and then they drive their teachers crazy.

On the Pre Kindergarten level we had a non typical day. We did not do our normal curriculum even though we did try to follow some of the schedule. So today I got to plan our day.

We made paper pumpkins and decorated them with silly faces.

We used shaving cream to practice writing our names and writing words!

We carved a pumpkin and then watched it glow at nap time where no one slept!

We roasted pumpkin seeds, and ate yummy treats at our halloween party.

We enjoyed dressing up as different things and oh my word they about drove me crazy!

All in all it was a decent day but it was long...I was so ready for everything to be done! Lucky for us Halloween is on a Saturday next year!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Please can we skip tomorrow?

I am dreading tomorrow...with my whole being!

Tomorrow is Halloween and my gracious it's going to be a LONG DAY! We have a party at school at 2:00 tomorrow. Which means chaos until it starts, chaos when it is happening and chaos when it's over....I want to go to bed and wake up when it's NOVEMBER!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Overbooked Wednesday...

to coin a phrase from Janea! It was one mighty busy day!

I had Parent Teacher conferences today. Both went about the way that I expected. Jaron is doing well academically and is struggling with the social aspects that go along with PDD! His teacher was relieved that I was aware of the struggles and was not stressing about them. We discussed some ideas that may work and she will keep me posted on his behavior. He is not being bad or causing trouble he just is doing things that are not completely typical for a child his age. Janea is doing well, top of her class in every big surprise. Her teacher is recommending she be tested for the gifted program and I am encouraged and intimidated by that.

AWANA tonight! Janea passed 5 sections...Jaron none. He is intimidated by John 3:16 and is not wanting to memorize it. We will be working on this this week.

The kiddos both had perfect attendence for the first semester and Jaron earned a certificate for being the Perfect Passenger on Bus 36! So all in all I am a happy momma!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One Busy Lady

So I slacked off a little bit last night and did basically nothing so I am making up for it tonight. I cleaned up the kitchen and even scrubbed the drip pans under the burners! I am cleaning up the living room, doing laundry, and I even made soup! It's been a good day! I am thankful that I have the energy and the time to clean up my house.

Monday, October 27, 2008

He's 6!

Jaron turned 6 yesterday!~ I can't believe my baby is so old.! We had a great birthday! We had a party at Grandma's and then partied some more with Daddy at home! A great day with fun presents! Jaron got a Swampfire action figure from one of his favorite cartoons...Ben 10
Daddy bought Jaron a guitar, drum, harmonica, and tamborine!
2 new books!
Grandma made a Spiderman Cake!
My baby is 6 years old!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's a busy time of year

I love fall...but we are so busy. We have many different events that are keeping us so busy.

We have school events, church events and then trying to get a few last things in as a family before the weather turns really cold. It's nuts! Add into the mix the last minute stuff like the van repairs and crazy kids and it feels like we are running in 5 diffferent directions at all times. I was so tired last night that I just crashed after getting home from the Fall Festival at my school. It was fun but boy I am tired today...on today's agenda...go pick up the van and maybe carve pumpkins this afternoon while starting Jaron's birthday celebrations!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another chunk of change...

So Dan called last night and tells me that the van died...the serpentine belt fell off. We got it towed to a mechanic and not only does the belt need to be replaced but the tensioner is it would cost about 283 to fix it...we can handle that! So I have them make the repairs...and tell me it'll be done tonight. We go to pick it up and low and behold the power steering pump also needs to be replaced since its what's causing the belt to slip and come off that'll be an extra 317 and now it won't be ready until makes me stressed!

Monday, October 20, 2008

5 things I love about Fall...

1. Cozy jammies, hot chocolate with reddi whip and lazy afternoons....

2. Sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts and cozy socks on chilly days

3. Pumpkin patch trips with the kiddos!

4. Raking the leaves and jumping into them...

5. Being able to bake yummy goodies that make your kitchen too hot in the summertime!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Family Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

This being a most beautiful weekend here in the Midwest we decided to spend the afternoon at the local pumpkin patch! We could not have asked for a more gorgeous day! We had lots of fun!
Jaron with the sun in his eye!

Jaron picks out a cute little pumpkin

Following Daddy across the pumpkin patch!

Hurry Mom, the suns in my eyes!

Some of our little pumpkins

I fell in a hole!

Sliding through the straw!

The Pumpkin Popper--launches pumpkins at high speeds!

Pumpkin flying through the air!

Dan and the kiddos watching

Janea is so cool!

Jaron going through a hay maze!
Riding a big rig!

Milking a cow!(pretend cow)

See I was there too!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall Field Trip

We took the students from school to a local pumpkin patch for some Fall Fun! Here are some pictures of the beautiful day we got to enjoy! It was a lot of a teacher I am unable to post the pictures of the kids without parental permission so here is some scenary pictures. We had a great day!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The phone rang off the hook today...I hate that!

Good News...the furnace is going to be looked at tomorrow!

My mom and dad came over for dinner! It was really nice to see them and enjoy a nice meal. I made turkey, stuffing and potatoes and green beans!

Good night of Awana...both kids passed their sections and did a good job!~ Jaron absolutely went nuts at Game Time.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


That's what we hear when we turn on our furnace. BZZZZZZZZZZZ in this loud obnoxious sound that is headache inducing...the only problem is its getting colder and the house is colder and I can't stand the noise so I am not turning it on and it's kinda cold.! I really hope that we can get it looked at in the near future...we were supposed to do a test for our community and report any problems so I let them know and I hope that it gets looked at in the next couple days! In the meantime...warm blankets, socks and comfy clothes will help us stay warm!

Monday, October 13, 2008


I give Dan credit...he stepped up took the day off and watched the kiddos today since they did not have school. Plus he has been working some incredibly long hours..50-54 hour weeks...that'll wear you out. Well, he got sleep today, didn't do a whole lot, and he's resting again...whereas I worked an 8 hour day and then cooked dinner when I got home and I am doing I'm asking the this fair??? I don't want to complain but sometimes it's harder at night when he's home for the day then if he had just gone to work! I'm tired so I think I will be going to bed earlier tonight! I do appreciate him watching the kiddos, they hadn't broken anything and everyone was happy tonight when I got home so it's not all bad...I'm just jealous!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saturday Fun

We took the kids to the local pumpkin festival this weekend. We toured all the different booths, played a few games, ate some food, had a good time but spent more than we like but its hard to say no to everything and food is over priced for what you get. All in all a fun day. The kiddos won some prizes, and had fun so I guess that's all that really matters.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Before and After...

Since I didn't have to work today I spent the day cleaning house and I went out and got my hair cut~! I also got a few new fall decorations
So here is my hair before...

And my messy Kitchen table before...
Here's me and my snazzy shorter 'do!
and my festive fall Kitchen table!

I bought Smarties for the kiddos since they both like them!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday...or Friday?

It's technically Thursday but since I don't have to work tomorrow it's really my Friday! YEAH!

The kiddos and I decided to celebrate(and since tomorrow is payday) and go get McDonalds for dinner! We also had to run a couple of errands and rolled all those into one.

Tomorrow I am cleaning house and going and getting my hair cut! Yeah for a day off! I like my job and class but a day off is always appreciated!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Today is finally over

Our sweet morning turned into a chaotic evening and I am glad to get to go to bed and relax!

Awana was good tonight and Jaron passed a section. Janea had to buy a new AWANA book since we can't find it anywhere. She had to pay for half of it with her own money. Hopefully she will take better care of this one. Goal for next week...finish Discovery 2!

Words for Wednesday

This morning it was cold in the house and Jaron woke up really early. Dan was home from working a 12 hour shift and unwinding watching TV in the recliner and Jaron decided he needed some good ol daddy time. So I came out this morning to find them sitting in the recliner, watching TV and under a blanket...such a sweet picture but my camera was not available this morning and I missed the shot...gotta love cold mornings and warm blankets!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Totally Tuesday

It's been better than Monday still rather hairy!

Thank the Lord that my co teacher was back today...made the day go a whole lot better but we had a major weather change that wreaked havoc on the classroom!

I love going through my thick socks and pulling out my fall wardrobe...clothes I haven't worn for months are much more appealing than tank tops, shorts and my hot weather clothes! I know I will be tired of them in 3 more months but right now I am ready for the change!

Good News Club for the kiddos today! I got an extra few minutes all to myself...bliss!

Monday, October 6, 2008

It's definitely Monday!

It's been a crazy day! Here's a run down of the craziness:

*Overslept, on a cold morning!~

* Go to pack Jaron's lunch--can't find his lunchbox!

*Pack lunches, put Jaron,s in a gray bag--he freaks out!

* Jaron refuses to leave house without his lunch box...have to physically help him on the bus!

* Leave for work and call the school to talk to Jaron's teacher...find out lunch box is at school on his desk!

* Get to my work, my co-teacher is sick today and I am on my own, the closet and desk are lesson plan, no copies nothing. No big deal normally, but I usually just assist, not run things, and I am still adjusting to a new place where I am not the lead teacher... our challenging kids decide to be a little more challenging since things are different!

*Make it through morning, and nap and get things done then told can leave early....get busy forget to leave...stay til 3:25 Find myself already clocked out at work. Not sure how that will effect my pay check but I don't really care anymore!

So that's a little bit of the craziness...Iam so thankful to be home and relaxing! A good nights sleep will make everything feel better! Good news, Jaron brought home his lunch bag! YEAH! Tomorrow should be a better day...and I am completely planned for tomorrow in case my co-teacher is still sick!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

"Magic" Bean Soup

Dan made Ham and 15 bean soup. In order to get Jaron to try it we told him it was Magic bean soup and that he could make wishes about his birthday with it. He was very excited to try this new "Magic" bean soup. The plate and bowl of soup and chips

Jaron is so excited to try it!

The first bite

He's tasting, contemplating the flavor!~

Keeps on eating...we think he likes it!

Friday, October 3, 2008

My house needs a bath

It's dirty...unorganized and needs a good cleaning...

I'll post pictures of my handiwork if I get around to it!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

In a nutshell

I am feeling overwhelmed at the moment. I am slightly stressed and upset. I am feeling like the world is in the process of righting itself after being topsy-turvy for a long time. It's not a bad feeling nor a good feeling but it is a different feeling. I am adjusting to finding my place in the classroom where I am not stepping on the lead teachers toes. I am adjusting to my new work schedule and the rushing that I now do in the mornings and getting home from work. I am adjusting to finding time to clean house and developing strategies to keep it from becoming a chaos situation. I am trusting God to meet our needs until the two paychecks become a regular occurance. I am struggling with not seeing my husband every day and having to do all our communicating by phone or email again. I am adjusting to being a good mom and not knowing every little thing that happens at school and having to trust that the teachers are dealing with things in an appropriate manner. I am so glad that life is once again becoming what it needs to be, I am working on making it the best it can be and enjoying the place that we are in our life right now.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

One day later

Yesterday-- Janea and I spent about an hour together working on the next sections in her T&T book for Awana Tonight. She was ready, worked hard, the works. Tonight we are getting ready to go to AWANA and she can't find the book--15 minutes later we still haven't found the we are going to be late...not a huge problem except I am the Sparks director and I run the club and I'm now late! I hate being late! We still haven't found it, left without it, and she still said all the sections tonight....they made her copies...I was ready to hit something!

So tomorrow she gets to find the book...hopefully once the stress is gone it will be easily found! I'm hopeful!

Kids say the Darndest Things...

I was laughing out loud today at work...

My co-teacher was dipping her snack of pretzals in a cup full of all the extra salt that is in the bag and one of our students asked her why she was dipping her pretzels in glitter...before she could answer him he said so matter a factly " We don't eat glitter...glitter is not a food."

Gotta Love the concrete thinking of kiddos~!