Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jayden Eats Spaghetti

We have started eating table food and I introduced Jayden to spaghetti.

He seemed to like it.  Sorry if I am a little loud in the video

Sunday, February 26, 2012

10 months old

My big and happy boy is almost 1!  I can't believe how quickly this year has gone by!  I also can't believe he still isn't sleeping through the night.

at 10 months Jayden is:
24 pounds and 31.5 inches
7 full teeth and one coming in
crawling and pulling up on everything
not sleeping through the night
an eating machine...favorites include yogurt and fruits
shows love by giving hugs
full of energy!

What....February is over on Wednesday???

I've been meaning to post...really I have.  However the timing of said posts have not been working and I just realized it will be March before I post my February stuff unless I sit down and blog.  So I will be posting a lot of quick posts today and hopefully when I look back on the year I won't be so behind in what I am thinking and doing!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Difference a Year Makes

I've been reflecting on the changes that have occured over the last year.  The difference I see and the perspective I have gained are great.  I'm thankful

Winter:  Last winter I was STRESSED out.  We had a very very Snowy winter complete with a Blizzard!  This winter has been warm, we have had less than an inch of snow for the entire winter so far and I've not had to worry about snow days at all.  In fact, some days I have had to remind the kids to wear a coat!  What a difference a year makes.

Baby:  Last year I was pregnant and freaking out that I couldn't be a mom to 3.  Well, turns out I can be a mom to 3.  The baby is doing really well, we are enjoying him very much.  It's hard work to have a baby in the house but I do have a great husband and helpful big kids and that makes it great.  We also have been so blessed with a wonderful babysitter who takes such great care of Jayden so I can work. 

JOB:  It's nice to have a job I like.  Last year I was contemplating quitting and freaking out about finances.  This year I have a great job, looking forward to summer and next year and I genuinelly enjoy what I am doing.  I have a rough class at times but honestly I love what I do!

So that's a bit of a difference between then and now. I certainly enjoying what I am doing now and this year more than my memory of last year.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

What a Week

I have had a VERY long week for different reasons.  It's not necessarily been a bad week but a very long one.

Today was more stressful than normal because a coworker lost her job today.  It was the right move for our school and it was deserved but it's always stressful knowing something is coming and then seeing it play out.  Then you also have the added stress of how that person is going to react to the news.  I hope that it continues to be a good and easy transition. 

We had a good day in my class, the kids had a good day at school, we had an okay dinner, life was normal till around 6:30...then I started feeling bad.  Very thankful Jayden went down for a nap easily and slept okay. Momma was definitely not up to snuff.

I woke up feeling AWFUL.  Wednesday is also my highest number day at school and knowing this I made an attempt to go to work.  My bosses could totally see I wasnt' feeling good and they let me go home early.  I got home around 1:00 and after eating some lunch I slept for the entire afternoon.  I was so thankful for rest, for a great babysitter to watch Jayden, and then for AWANA that night for the big kids.  I was able to rest and start to feeling better.

My day was fine...but yet again I inserted my foot in my mouth in regards to my feelings.  Dan doesn't react well to things that I say sometimes and I made a statement that he didn't find good and it made for a stressful evening betweent he two of us.  Marriage can be so hard sometimes.  I am thankful that we have worked through it but I hate that feeling when we are in the middle of it all.

Long day at work...due to rain!  It rained all day long!  Rainy days when your stuck inside is more challenging especially with a lot of boys in the classroom.  Dan also had a more stressful commute since he took the van and the van's windshield wipers don't always work and he wanted me to be safe.  Once he got home we all went out for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and boy was it a nice meal together without anyone having to cook.  Another bonus--PAYDAY!!! 

The weekend is full of birthday's, friends, family and hopefully I will get all the laundry done too.