Monday, October 29, 2007

Jaron is getting so big

Jaron and his teacher Ms. Kim
Jaron loves to read books
Jaron reading in the book area
Jaron and the Goat at the Pumpkin Patch
Jaron and all his friends at Deanna Rose Farmstead

I'm having conflicting feelings regarding my son. He has always been behind his class mates and other children his age. I am aware and working on helping him with this. He is changing and growing up quickly and it's exciting to see. He turned 5 this weekend and it occured to me that he really isn't a baby anymore...and I am feeling a little bit sad.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Well, it happened again...

I had another weekend of biting my tongue and feeling frustrated. Laverne had both Amber and Morgan for the whole weekend. Did she once offer to take Janea and Jaron for a few hours? Did she let me know when they would return? No to both.

Sharon slept all weekend. Can anyone think of nice way that I can tell a 46 year old person who is old enough to be my older sister or possibly my mother that they need to take a shower and use deodorant? The smell is so overpowering at times that I am literally gagging when she walks by. That is not healthy.

So that is my frustration with the whole family situation.. I could use the prayers. Both for my attitude and for the relatives to consider others once in a while.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Family Stress

It's Thursday and I'm tired. And I am a little bit upset by how inconsiderate Dan's family is to things that involve me. Here's one reason why...yesterday Laverne (Dan's Aunt, his Mom's twin sister) her husband Manuel, Manuel's brother Ismael and Ishmael's wife Christina all show up at my house at 5:15 pm. Now normally this wouldn't be a problem but I was in the middle of cooking dinner and I was also trying to get 3-4 kids ready for AWANA. I received no phone call, no advance warning whatsoever and then they all trooped into the house and made themselves at home. Now mind you they came to meet Sharon, all well and good, but the house was a mess, I work 8-9 hours a day and church is a priority for me. No consideration for the amount of stress just popping into my home causes.

Other reasons why I am a little upset, Laverne will come over and take out Amber and Morgan or bring them things that she has bought for them. About 1 in 6 times she brings stuff for my kids. She never offers to take out my kids. She cleans Sharon's room for Sharon...Sharon mind you is 46 years old. Also she will only wash Morgan's clothes...taking my wet stuff out of the washer and throwing it into a laundry basket until she is done then putting my stuff in the dryer. It's frustrating how Morgan, Sharon, Amber centric she is and the way she never offers to take out my kids or spend time with them. She also then wonders why my kids don't readily want to see her and or be with her when she is at our house.

Sharon does nothing around the house but she gets a break from the kids pretty much every weekend. Though I feel sorry for her since her children would rather be away from her than with her. All in all I am tired today, could use a few extra prayers and would like to just make the situation fix itself.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Family Fun Pictures

We took the Kids to Powell Gardens the weekend of September 15-16. This also was the weekend that Jaron ended up in the ER for two hours and we had major drama on Sunday. The little girl Eden is a schoolmate of Janea's who was visiting for the day! Inside where it was nice and warm! It was a cold weekend!

Eden trying to be a dinosaur and Janea stealing the shot!
Take our's more interested in the map!
Aww...aren't we sweet together!
The kids as we start our adventure!

Powell Gardens had a dinosaurs throughout the landscape!
Jaron and Daddy! Jaron really wasn't feeling good and wanted to be carried! Lucky for him Daddy is strong!
Look a Dinosaur!
Dan and our niece Amber!
Erin can't read the sign very well! Amber and Janea are being goofy--all you can see is Janea's fingers!

Look Daddy!
More Dinos

Amber's having a good time!
Look out for the dinosaur Dan!
Powell Gardens--a great family outing spot
A tree house at Powell Gardens

Erin on a lazy Sunday afternoon
Janea is such a diva!
Jaron and Janea helped Daddy plant a new pear tree in the backyard
Jaron watering the Pear tree as sister looks on!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Creek Pics and Fun

Last Friday we took a field trip and rode a Train to look for Monarchs! After the train ride I took my class to my house to have a cookout and then we explored the creek that runs behind our house! We caught quite a few little critters! Mrs. Jonathan helping a student onto the train's caboose

My class and the lovely snake they caught!
We have no fear!
See Mrs. Jonathan! Isn't it cool?
Mrs. Jonathan and Eden by the Creek picking up something!~
Wade in the Water!
Makyla enjoying the cool water!
Hurry Mrs. Jonathan, we're hungry! HOT DOGS! YUMM!

Mrs. Miner, What did I catch?
Mrs. Miner and Makyla were braver than me!

Having fun in the creek!
Did ya catch anything?