Friday, September 21, 2007

School Pictures

Here's some cute photos of my kiddos at school! Jaron tuckered out and napping
Janea is disecting a cricket!

See, I have to wear my protective gear!

Janea and Eden Catching butterflies

Aren't we having fun!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A better evening

So last night after work we had our every Monday night staff meeting. No big deal, good meeting, productive, and off I go home. I get home and Morgan immediately starts asking to use the computer, except I haven't even put my stuff down yet. So I get Janea to help her down stairs, and find out who is eating dinner. Morgan tells me she isn't hungry so I think fine. As I am cooking Dan gets home and then Morgan tells me she wants to eat...I did make extra since she is so wishy-washy. We had a nice family dinner. I hope that the drama is over for awhile. Sharon seems to have retreated to her room...fine with me.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Oh the DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this weekend was dramatic to say the least. Saturday we were scheduled to go to the wetlands at one of the area Universities to go Monarch Tagging. Friday night at almost 11 I get a call from our Science Teacher that the event has been canceled! So I think yeah! I get to sleep in...well, I forgot to tell the girls, who then got up and were ready to go at the time that we had originally planned to leave! They were so disappointed. Dan and I not wanting to break their little hearts decide that we should go to Powell Gardens instead since we can't go tag butterflys. Good plan, except I notice as we are there that Jaron's breathing is rather labored. He's literally gasping for air..we get home I call the nurse hotline to make sure that I do need to take him into the doctor and that it's not my mom sense going crazy. The nurse tells me that not only does he need to be seen it needs to be now. So off we go to the emergency room! 50 dollars, 2 hours, and 2 breathing treatments, 1 x-ray and 3 prescriptions later we are heading home. Thanking God that Jaron is going to be okay.
I get home and get Jaron settled down with the girls and Dan and then I head to Wal-mart to get the prescriptions filled. an hour later I get home to give him a inhaler treatment only to find out that they didn't give me a spacer. I call Wal-mart's Pharmacy and they tell me it will be a separate charge and they didn't give me one since they thought that the doctor would have. I said that I really need it...go back to Wal-mart to pick up the spacer and to buy groceries! I get to the pharmacy and the pharmacist gives me the spacer for free! PTL! One less expense!

So now it's Sunday, Jaron's doing better and we are at church to worship. Dan and I are in the nursery for Sunday School hour when my friend Becky tells me there is a problem with the younger niece andthe aunt in law thinks that this is somehow my fault...not the child's, mine. So Dan goes up to get Morgan into Sunday School...she starts screaming! So I go up and we have to manhandle her out the door since she is literally throwing a hissyfit. Dan takes her home and then comes back for the Worship Service. So when we get home...Sharon flips out on Dan. He didn't do anything to her daughter but bring her home but she is in complete denial about how terrible her child is in normal everyday situations. She thinks that school is enough and that since she is going to Kindergarten everything is fine. That being said...her daughter went to Kindergarten two days after all the other children because she was throwing temper tantrums. When other kids come over she goes completely obnoxious. There is some serious social issues with her behavior and they are in complete denial saying that everything but school is too much for her. So since that is the case we won't be taking her with us for anything fun...for quite a while!

So that's why I am feeling a little bit stressed this week.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Planning and Scheduling Fiascos

So here I am trying to plan out the first quarter when I forget 20 things that half to go on the calendar and wouldn't you know it I have to start all over! I hate it when that happens! AAAUUGHH!!!! I love technology but I hate it when I forget to merge files! I will be so happy when I get all the quarters planning completely done.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Why does a Wednesday feel like a Monday?

I love this just kind of feels like it sums up my year this year. I am teaching 7 kids. I have grades 1-4th and it's a lot of work. I have every different level, every different personality and every different opinion on how my class should work!
So today is the middle of the week but it feels like the end is never going to come like the end of a Monday feels. Boy am I tired. I am sitting at my desk and listening to Science go on and the only thing I can think is boy am I glad that isn't me right now teaching! My buddy Karen has my class now for Science and I am glad for the break!
On the home front, my Mom came on Monday and helped me organize my kitche, living room, and dining room. It is so much better and unpacked and usable! I love my MOM!!!!