Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Vacation...How I miss you

I miss getting days off between Christmas and New Years.

I miss the time to recharge my batteries.

I miss hanging out with my kids enjoying things we got for Christmas.

I miss it.

I really do.


Friday, December 24, 2010

Silent Night

We had a very meaningful service at church tonight.

Sang my favorite hymn in the dark by candlelight.

It makes me cry to think of a tiny baby born to die for us.

I love Christmas and the beauty of the Candlelight and the meaning of it all.

Christmas Spirit

I've been feeling a little Grinchy this Christmas.

I work with kids who get everything they want. Their parents spend more on childcare in a month than we spend on our mortgage payment. They have no concept of not having their basic needs met...and it's left me not feeling the most cheerful.

We celebrated the HOLIDAYs at school...couldn't leave any holiday out and yet in reality we left out Christmas. We did the trees, snowmen, stockings, wreaths but the True meaning of Christmas the giving of a Savior...that wasn't talked about at all...was even frowned upon.

Dan and I have never done Santa with our kids...they know that there was a man named St. Nicholaus who gave presents to those less fortunate but they know that he was a man. This man loved GOD and wanted to show God's love by giving to others. There is no man in a big red suit who lives at the North Pole and gives presents to good girls and boys with his magic reindeer. We watch the movies because they are fun and cute but my kids know there is nothing real about it.

Today my focus is on the Saviour coming to give the ultimate gift. The light of the World. My focus will be on giving to others because I have been given so much. My focus will be on others and not self.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Avatar and a Sleeping Daddy

What I hear...

right now...

the cartoon Avatar playing on TV...

Dan snoring...

it's a cold and sleepy night!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wiggly Belly

My belly can move on its own.

It jumps and launches.

It's the weirdest sensation.

It's even had the hiccups

It keeps getting bigger.

It's really firm too.

I have my own little shelf!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"Holiday" Program

We're having our "Holiday" program tomorrow...not a Christmas Program a Holiday Program.

The kids will sing Christmas songs...about Santa, Trees, and nativity at all.
We will sing a Hanukah baby Jesus in the manger.

A "holiday" a time where kids get lots of stuff but miss the one thing that they really need...and I can't really talk about it...I read a book about the Baby in the Manger today and not one of my kids could tell me what that meant...

I'm missing the joy of Christmas and the celebration of the Birth of a Savior...where I work it's all Santa and joy...just stuff.

It's really Sad...and empy feeling...I'm thankful that I have joy in my CHRISTMAS...its more than just a Holiday!

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Little Things

The little things make me happy!

Dan got my garage door opener programmed last night...poor guy was in the freezing cold garage with just a little space heater perched on a stepstool and when he finally got it to work the heater and the garage door opener on at the same time caused the fuse to blow! So he was then cold, with the door slightly up, on a stool in the dark! Poor thing...we got the lights back on and it WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning, my work pants were still in the dryer...I had washed them last night but ran out of time to get them in the dryer...and Jaron needed to go to school so I took him in my jammies...and I didn't get out of the car once! It was so nice!

Thank you Dan for fixing the door! I love you!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pictures from the weekend

Here's my view as I look down at my ever expanding belly!Our beautiful Christmas Tree!
My Mantel all decorated for Christmas and lit up!

The mantel not light up...still pretty!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Working Momma Woes

I'm a working Mom.

I've been a working mom for most of my kids lives and for the most part it works for us.

It wasn't working this morning.

I had a big ol helping of Momma Guilt...over my current work hours.

I've been blessed in the past to have job hours conducive to school hours. Also I have had the privilige of having my children in the same school where I teach. This is no longer the case.

The kids are now home before me...way before me.

Janea really doesn't like my hours or having a babysitter in the house...She does love our babysitter but it's not the same as having mom home.

She laid the hurt down pretty hard this morning.

My feelings were very hurt, and the wound of working late was very raw this morning.

I'll admit it, I broke, cried, and wanted to do nothing more than quit...but I didn't quit.

I will be able to quit around the time of the baby but for now I am where I am. With lousy hours...that are hard, but we will make them work. I'm blessed to have a job...even when the blessing doesn't seem that great

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I got home last night from work and found this....

Dan had found one of my gloves in his car and left me a message....I love you too Honey!

Monday, December 6, 2010


that's me grunting like a caveman.

I was up for about 2 hours last night with gastrointestinal distress.

I was glad when it passed.

I did get some sleep but I am quite tired this morning.

On a completely different note...
my oldest and youngest seemed to switch places this morning.
Janea was all about getting up and ready and Jaron was being a little slothlike this morning...usually it's the other way around.

I just realized Jaron really isn't the youngest anymore...I'll have to find something different to call him...

Went shopping online for baby's stinkin expensive! I don't know what we are going to do...I just know I am not spending a ton on bedding that the kid probably won't even appreciate....just so I can have a cute room for him.

We think we have a name...and I am being outvoted...the kids LOVE it...Dan likes it and I guess I will have to get used to it...Janea and Jaron are already calling him by this name so I guess that's that!

Dan's been sick all weekend...he's been like a hibernating bear...staying indoors, grunting alot, sneezing and coughing...I feel bad for him...he's been kinda out of it this weekend. He's off to work today and I hope he feels okay.

Jaron's better...just a virus I guess...but he did enjoy getting to go to my sonogram with me and my Mom.

Well, the baby is kicking and I just realized I gotta get my lunch ready for I go...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Over Already???

Is the weekend already over?

Weekends are never long enough...especially when they are full and busy!

I had Christmas Cantata practice in the morning.

We ordered pizza for lunch...Papa Johns...super yummy!

I took a it!

We got ready to go run some errands...we went to the bank and things...and then decided that we should go see the lights at Christmas in the Park at Longview pretty, so fun...such a long wait! Usually when we go the wait isn't too bad, this year it was longer than usual or just seemed longer since I needed to go the bathroom about halfway through...having a little person jumping on your bladder like a trampoline makes for terrible bathroom pains! So on the way out we stopped at CVS! So I could go potty!

Played Monopoly Streets as a family!

Church I love worshipping with my church family

Lunch: Taco yummy

Shopping with Janea: Got her a few new tops and a pair of pants, some girl stuff and a present for a family member!

Resting for a while!

Grocery Shopping...Walmart was insane!

So tonight I will take it easy and relax and prepare for the week ahead!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Janea and I soon will be outnumbered. The male population will be increasing in April....the results of the sonogram is.....

I will try to post pictures soon...need to scan them in on my parents computer...we don't have a scanner!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanks I needed That!

I've not been feeling real good this week.

I've been tired, crabby, not sleeping really well, and just feeling blah!

I won't call in sick for general yuckiness or anything...that isn't what sick days are for. Plus, I don't want to take advantage of my works generosity in giving time off. And they are good about trying to be accomodating for doctor's appointments or stuff like that. I did really want to call in and just have a chill day but I couldn't justify it and I wasn't really sick and if I called in sick that would be lying and that is wrong.

Jaron got sick this week. Out of the blue. Fever, coughing, ear goop, the whole nine yards! So I called in to stay home with him...a valid reason to stay home! So Jaron...thanks for getting sick! It was nice to have a day off yesterday and a morning off today...I think I needed it...I'm feeling more rested and not as yucky!

Is it wrong to be thankful for sick children?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Halfway There!

So I am 20 weeks today.

A "normal" pregnancy is 40 weeks...this means that today I hit the halfway mark for the baby!

However my two previous pregnancies ended at 38 and 37 weeks.

So I'm over halfway there!

Tomorrow is our Ultrasound to find out the growth of the baby and how it's doing...tomorrow I hope to know if the "it" is a boy or a girl. We'll be happy with whatever comes...It's getting a little bit more real. Baby J was being Ninja baby this morning!

I'm still in shock that I am pregnant!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oh Dear

Got home from work tonight and found that Jaron was sick with a fever.

Looks like someone wont be going to school tomorrow...and I may get my day off that I've been wanting!

I'm praying that they are understanding about the kiddo being sick tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Few Questions

Question #1: Why is it that I have to write out the schedule for everyone and no one else can keep track of it?

Question #2: Why don't I feel good today?

Question #3: Is it wrong to eat Reeces Pieces for a mid morning snack on your way to work?

Question #4: Am I a bad mom for not making the boy wear a coat to school since he left his good coat at school yesterday afternoon and refused to put on his not good coat?

Question #5: Why do I have to go to work today? Can't I just stay home and rest and sleep?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Break

We hosted my family for the first time in 7 years! I was nervous about the day but it went very smoothly. The meal was yummy, the conversation good and the table looked pretty!

The afternoon was spent cleaning the kitchen, my family getting to check out the new house and with a group game on the Wii.

It was a delightful Day!

Friday my mom, sister and I went shopping. We weren't searching for any Doorbusters but got some good Early Bird specials. I picked up some much needed new maternity clothes which makes for more comfortable I feel like I look much better in clothes that fit my changing frame.

Saturday was spent cleaning my bedroom. I made some major progress putting clothing away in drawers though most of mine are going into storage for awhile because it's depressing to have stuff not fit. Saturday afternoon Dan began working on Jaron's room in the basement. He made major progress and worked hard even while I was gone to an engagement party for a friends daughter. I had a lovely time catching up with friends and Dan got so much done. I will post pictures very soon...on all the stuff that happened this weekend.

I enjoyed my time off from work so much and I am not really looking forward to going back tomorrow but Holiday's are a short time and reality sets back in. It's all good. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Season!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The neverending feeling

I hate moving because it seems like you are working FOREVER to get everything into boxes.

I hate moving because it seems like you are working FOREVER to unpack all of the packed boxes....

It seems like a neverending cycle! I know this too shall pass but when your in the middle of it all it's craziness!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


That's the sigh of relief from me...

I am done working until Monday....and boy am I glad!

Tomorrow, we are cooking and hosting my family for Thanksgiving. Looking forward to it.
Tonight I am going to hang out and relax....hoping for a better nights sleep tonight.

Thankful for Thanksgiving and getting to relax at home!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Well Duh!

I'm sitting at the computer, getting ready to complain that my feet really hurt when I look down and realize that I haven't yet taken off my shoes!

I bet my feet will feel better once I have my shoes off!

I'm so spacey at times!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Jaron had a to write what he is thankful for in school last week. I found the following in his Friday folder:

"I am thankful for many things. I'm thankful for God. Without him you will be nothing. I'm thankful for school. It helps me learn alot of things like math. I am thankful for all that I have."

I love that he is thankful!


Family is a blessing.

We received a special blessing in the form of a housewarming gift from Dan's Aunt Naomi. She sent us a generous gift and the added blessing of family memories. It's wonderful to have people who love us so much and are so generous to us. Dan made it a point to purchase lasting durable goods and upgrades for the house such as a programmable thermostat, rugs, shelving, etc. Thank you Aunt Naomi we will be sending you pictures of the kids and house soon.

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Good night

Last night was rough...I had a long day, some miscommunication and was beyond exhausted. Made for a not fun night. off work a few minutes early, no traffic on the highways tonight, and got home to dinner cooking. Dan put the frozen lasagna in the oven and it was ready soon after I got home. I now have a belly full of lasagna and garlic bread, feeling content and happy. Ready to chillax with my family so that I can get lots of stuff done tomorrow!

I'm so thankful for my family!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

What a Week!

It's only Thursday but I feel like it should be SATURDAY!

I'm tired...super tired....overly tired. I'm sleeping but I don't wake up rested. Not sure as to why, probably has to do with our busy schedule and the baby but who knows.

We have had an eventful week...

Monday Janea missed the bus in the morning...we didn't get out the door in time and the bus drove right past the parent drop-off involved 2 schools! Well, she rode the bus home and got dropped off at the stop far from the house and was walking home when the bus driver stopped the bus and asked her where she actually lives and when she told the bus driver the driver said that she can now be picked up right across the street from the house! PTL! Now I don't have to drive her over, its across the street and if we are running a little behind schedule she can still run and make it! Dan also has made it his mission to have us accomplish a small project everyday afterwork...which is fine...except I think that's why I am more tired in the evenings.

Tuesday was a long day...full of crabby children, and poor listeners in my classroom. I have kids in my class who think that they run the world. It's hard too because we cater to a clientle that is richer than most and so their kids get everything they want and are a little the point of rottenness sometime. It's all I can do to bite my tongue and not get more frustrated than I already am...I so need a different job.

Wednesdays are long days...and yesterday was a VERY long day. I took Jaron to school as normal and then went in to make sure that he got his picture was retake day and he had missed picture day because he had Strep. Then I went to Target to look for a new coat for the boy as his hoodie isn't super warm and he isn't wanting to wear his winter coat yet...I found a nice fleece jacket that is warm and cozy on Clearance! WAHOO! I also picked up another longsleeve larger shirt to wear under my work shirts. So I didn't go home after dropping off the kid and then I went to work and worked till 6:30 and then we had our Dave Ramsey class last night so I didn't even get home until almost 9:00...made for a very long 11 hour day!

So I'm hoping for a good day today. Looking forward to coming home and resting tonight...I may go to bed before the kids...who knows!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

So weird

So I'm feeling the baby and its not kicking per se....its more like a giant lump of Jello jiggling in my stomach...I don't remember this feeling with the other kids....I am starting to feel kicks and movements but the constant jiggling is kinda creepy in a weird way!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Musings

What a day!

I'm exhausted!

Praying and hoping the week flies by!

Wanting to complain but knowing I shouldn't.

Looking forward to bed.

Thankful to be home!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Mornings are an interesting time at our house.

During the work week, Dan is the first one up and getting ready for work. He is out the door by 7:00 in the morning...often earlier. I wake up at the same time as him but due to my work schedule I don't have to fight him for the bathroom or anything so I just relax and hang out and get ready for my day. The weekends are different, as I often get up before Dan and he stays in bed longer than me!

Jaron's alarm clock goes off at matter what day of the week. He hasn't figured out yet that you can TURN IT OFF on Saturdays and Sundays! He turns the alarm off and then he is out of bed...often moving to the living room and hanging out there before he gets ready for school or church. He is a morning person I guess...about half an hour after he wakes up he is ready for breakfast! His morning routine is predictable and comfortable for him!

Janea on the other approaching teendom. She could sleep for a year! I often have to wake her up because she has turned her alarm clock OFF...and rolled over to go back to sleep! She is the one that I have to prompt and prod to get out of the I have to remind to get dressed and inform that we are leaving sooner than she thinks! It's challenging but I will say that she does get up when told and she hasn't yet missed the bus or anything because of oversleeping!

And then theres me...lately I can't sleep much past 5:45. I am either starving or really needing the bathroom and then I can't fall back asleep! So I am up early these days! I guess its good training for when the baby comes!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


This pregnancy is majorly different from my other two.

I understand that I am pregnant. My body is changing and growing. I'm starting to feel movement and realize there is another person going to be joining our family but I think I am still a little bit in denial. I just can't wrap my around the fact that we are having a baby. There is going to be a little person in our house in just 23 weeks. This person is going to need constant care, constant watching, and I need to redevelop my baby mode.

I'm also feeling a little lost...I have forgotten what types of things a baby needs. I know what my big kids need. I'm into big kid toys and gear. I don't want to overload my house with baby gear and yet I want to have the stuff that I will need to make sure that our life continues to go smoothly. I have been looking at baby gear online and on my word there is so much stuff for babies...I know we don't need MOST of it...but I'm feeling overwhelmed at where to start and by how much everything costs!

With the other two I was excited and into baby I'm feeling overwhelmed and nervous...can I really be a mom to a baby again? How will this kid fit into our family? What types of adjustments will there be? It's a little overwhelming at times...

Well, I'm off to unpack more boxes and organize our life so that hopefully by the time this little one joins us we will be settled and ready for it's arrival...I'm also looking forward to December 3rd when we hopefully get to find out the gender so I know whether to call this baby a he or she! If you have any suggestions of what you as a mom can't live without gear wise I would love some suggestions of where to start! I have a swing and I know we will need a pack and play but past that it's been about 8 years since I have shopped for baby gear and I would love some help as I really am feeling a little flummoxed by it all!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Freedom isn't Free.

It's bought with a price.

The price is the lives of those who serve our country to protect our freedoms.

Thank you to all who serve.

Thank you for the sacrifices you make.

Thank you for all you do.

I appreciate you.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Today I treated myself to lunch at Panera....had the Baked Potato Soup and it was SOOOO good.

Looking forward to more opportunities to enjoy yummy soups and stews as the weather is getting colder and I have an oven that is working!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Hey sorry that I have been off line for awhile but we have been a little bit busy recently. Here's the rundown of the busyness that is our lives:

1. We bought a HOUSE!!!! Wahoo! Upon finding out we were pregnant we decided that we would need more space with the baby coming and after much praying and seeking decided to try for a mortgage...and WOW! God provided! We qualified and started the house hunting process...we found a house that we like for a great price and then we were in a bidding war for it...not our cup of tea so I just happened to go online that night and found the house that we are in now...made arrangements with our realtor and fell in love with this house. We made an offer, were accepted and now we are working on moving in....the mortgage process and closing took a toll on me but that's now in the past and life is moving on.

2. Pregnancy Update...I am now 16 and a half weeks along. The heartrate for the baby is 158-162...and nice and steady. I'm starting to show and have had a few people who don't know me ask if I am pregnant. I'll start posting bump shots soon...clothed belly isn't attractive! I go for my sonogram and hopefully get to find out the gender of the baby on December 3rd...the votes for gender are as follows: Erin and Janea want a girl, Dan wants a boy and Jaron wants a baby! I think Jaron will be happy no matter what! It's definitely a baby! I'm feeling much better and getting some energy sciattica is bothering me alot and I'm in pain in my hips but hopefully that will pass or I will find ways to deal with it.

3. The job....its a job still...I just transitioned into a new class....and boy are they YOUNG! I now have a lot of 3 year olds and they are such babies...its challenging and fun too...I have a good group of kiddos. The hours are still a pain but I am adjusting to them and its fortunate that I go in late since I now drive Jaron to school in the mornings.

Well, that's a little of what is going on...I'll post pics of the house soon! We are blessed and thankful for all that is going on with us!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


This little house became if I am off the web for a few days I have a lot to do and no internet...I'll post more pictures later...we are very excited and very blessed!

Monday, November 1, 2010

What....October is Over?

Time is moving quickly.

I'm not moving quickly.

I'm hoping that the thing I want to get done gets done today.

I'm scared of all that I still need to do today.

I just realized it's not October anymore but's crazy!

I'll keep you is moving much too rapidly!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Praying and Hoping and Wishing and Dreaming

Praying: I'm praying that everything we need paperwork wise gets done today and that we get the greenlight to close on our House tomorrow. Everyone still seems hopeful so I am hopeful...Dan's not worried at all so I am worrying for both of us...I'm praying for peace and rest today!

Hoping: The boxes and remainder of our stuff will be easily packed. That we can get things moved easily.

Wishing: Full of wishes for a full and happy life for the upcoming year and the new home for all of us to live in.

Dreaming: Of the future, of the things is excited and stressful all at the same time. Everyone keeps tells me not to stress but it is really hard!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Jaron!

8 Years old Today
You are a fun-loving
Videogame playing
laughing and giggling
excelling 2nd grader
Full of life!
We love you BUDDY! Have a wonderful day and a full year of being 8 years old!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Things that make me say MMMM

Here are a few of the foods that make me very happy right now...

1. Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate topped with extra creamy whipped Cream! (soo warm, soo delish)

2. Raisens...don't know why but they are really good...

3. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches....need I say more???

4. Honey Nut Cheerios...not wet, dry!

5. Apples, and Cranapple good...makes me happy!

Friday, October 22, 2010 it 6:30 yet?

What a week!

It's Friday finally! Hooray! I'm in love with Friday's...they are the best day ever! I just wish it was 6:30 on Friday...that would mean I am done with work for the week...instead of almost 8:00 in the morning and I am getting ready for work. The kiddos have school activities tonight so it will be a busy evening too.

My job is improving some, I think it helps that I don't feel quite so bad all the time anymore now that I am in my 2nd trimester. My energy is coming back and that is helping with my mood. I will still not say that I love my job...its just a job... and I don't feel like I am doing anything really extraordinary or using my full teaching skills at all but its regular income and it's not the end of the world. I have some really challenging students and I am thankful that they will be transitioning up to the next class in a week! Then a get some new kids and it should hopefully be a different room dynamic and I am hoping a good one. Right now we are working on trying to figure out how long I have to stay at the job before the baby so that I can be a stay at home mom for a while....probably not forever, but for a while...

Jaron's birthday is TUESDAY!!! He is over the moon excited about turning 8!

Baby J is fine...I think...I'm starting to feel flutterings and makes it all seem so much more real. I also am able to eat more and not feel sick all the time and that is a big help...the yuck taste in my mouth is also leaving and for that I am so grateful! Being pregnant in my 30's is nothing like being pregnant in my 20's.

Thursday may be a big day for us...I'll keep you posted....

Well, I have to go and eat and get ready to leave for work soon...I still wish it was the end of the day rather than the beginning but oh well!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Countdown

Jaron is counting down the days until his birthday! 6 to go and then he is eight!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A few Good things

A chilly morning....a cool house for sleeping...and rest.

An overly excited daughter, a field trip to meet an author today at KU and a husband who can take her to school at 6:50 in the morning!

A happy young man, excited about video games and the day ahead who is just 7 days from turning 8 who is full of spunk and exuberance this morning!

Less back pain this morning, a cup of dark chocolate hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and a quiet house for an hour before heading off to work!

The sovereignty of God, the trust I need to have, the confidence that He is in Control! A good reminder for this October morning!

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Morning

The morning is interesting in our house.

One child(Jaron) gets up, does his thing, eats breakfast, and gets ready for school without a whole lot of prompting.

The other child(Janea) doesn't get up, has to be reminded frequently to get out of bed and the rushes to get out the door in time to meet the bus.

It used to be the other way around, but now its switched! Its craziness!

I look forward to them both getting up and not needing a whole lot of prompting from dear old mom!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Things that make me go UGGH!

1. Children who procrastinate on their schoolwork even though you ask, and ask and check and ask, and ask...Janea put off finishing her technology project until the night before it was due and then had a panic attack. She worked for 2 hours past bedtime and is finishing this I am helping her edit and type it. So I went to bed really late and got up really early!

2. Programs that have unrealistic requirements and don't specify the guidelines.(more on this later)

3. Early mornings and being out of Cran-apple juice....I'm addicted right now to Cran-apple juice and this morning I am drinking Cran-grape juice and it's not the same...

4. Chilly mornings and cold feet...maybe I should go put on socks!

5. Random statements by people who are actually not talking to you but to the computer, the television or the radio.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Blah Blogging

I feel like I've been complaining alot on the blog.

I'm sorry...I've not really been myself. Life has hit me with both barrels and I haven't always responded with graciousness...I've been whining and complaining about it.

I'm approaching my second trimester. I'm also starting to feel better physically. I'm not as tired as I was...I still do get tired easily but I am not drop dead tired. My general feeling of yuck is also lessening, for which I am very grateful.

Our life is still moving super fast and there are some BIG changes on the horizon. I will elaborate more as we get closer to the change and have completed the process. It's exciting and tiring all at the same time.

I'm starting to adjust more to the idea of the baby. I'm not excited yet but I am also no longer filled with dread. This was so unexpected and I really thought I was done with the baby phase of life that it really has taken me awhile to adjust to the reality of it all. I'm still apprehensive and stressed by the idea but the shock is wearing off...especially now that I am beginning to show and stuff. Cutting back on caffiene and not being able to eat foods I really like has also been a really big challenge for me. My doctor has told me that a little bit of caffiene daily is not dangerous but I have to be careful not to go overboard. So I am working on moderation of it all.

Well, it's early morning and we got to get out the door soon for school. I'll be back more often and posting more and hopefully whining less. Thanks to my peeps who have been reading and I hope to do better.

Friday, October 8, 2010

An Ode to Friday I love you!

You are what I look forward to on Monday!

You get me through Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!

Your here today and I am glad...means I only have 8 hours of work left before the weekend.

You make me happy!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pregnancy Update

Had an Ob appointment on Monday.

Here's what's going on.

In the last month I have lost 5 pounds.

I am further along than like 3 days. So I am approaching 12 weeks along.

My blood pressure is on target...not too high not too low.

Heard the heartbeat! It was nice and steady at 164 beats per minute. It's anyone's guess at this point whether its a boy or a girl. Old wives tales say if the heartbeat is over 160 its a girl but that's really not always is the gender it is supposed to be and we just have to wait and see what this new little person will be. (personally, I'm thinking girl, but I have been wrong before....we will see)

My morning sickness is starting to dissapate...the only time it is bad now is if I am eating and driving at the same time...then I get to not feeling real good.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


I really hate doing chores.

I hate cleaning, I hate picking up, I hate organizing...and yet it's necessary.

I'm doing more cleaning than normal....and I can't really blog about why but its a good thing.

I'm hoping if all goes as planned that it will be a good thing with good changes and life will be better.

I'm trusting it will be.

The kids and Dan are helping so that is good.

That is all...more to come on this later.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Sickie Update

Jaron does have strep...and really swollen tonsils.

He's also got a double ear infection

He's on an antibiotic...and already starting to feel better.

He should be able to go back to school on Monday!

The sickie

And no I am not talking about me.

Jaron woke up Thursday morning with a high fever.

Ran a fever all day yesterday, went to bed with a fever, woke up several times last night dehydrated and feverish and then woke up this morning with a fever and complaining of a sore throat.

My mom sense is telling me its probably strep throat.

I really hope it isn't strep throat. Now we are waiting to see if we get an appointment for today or if its off to urgent care we go....

Poor kid, I hope he feels better.

Also, I hope my job doesn't hate me for calling in sick so often! I did go in for the afternoon yesterday and I called in for the morning today. Waiting to see on an appointment then I will call and tell them again.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Needing to Adjust

I'm having to make some adjustments right now.

I need to make an attitude adjustment toward things.

My job is not what I was hoping for it to be. I am not doing what I had initially interviewed for when I went in. The scheduling and things are different than any other childcare facility that I have worked. It's the starkest place I have ever been and its all over the center...and it oppresive. However, I need to do my best until I can't take it anymore and quit or I find something different. The hours are very hard. It's challenging.

I'm having to adjust to the fact that in just a few months we are going to have 3 kids. I was completely satisfied with 2 kids. God must have something else planned for us and so we are being blessed with another child. My heart hurts though because I know people who desperately want to have children and they are struggling with infertility issues. I don't understand why God does what he does and causes different people to struggle with different things I just have to trust that He is Sovereign and knows what everyone needs.

I'm also struggling physically with how I am feeling. This pregnancy is hitting me hard. I suffer from nausea and stomach pain and just general fatigue constantly, my hormones are also really racing and I am more emotional and a little less tolerant of things than I usually am. I'm also struggling with my attitude towards the people I love the most. It's really hard.

We're trying to work together as a family to make life better and to make some big decisions. I'm looking forward to the months ahead and I am challenged and frustrated at the same time.

Yesterday and now Today

Yesterday I called in sick for I am feeling better.

Yesterday I needed to I think the rest worked...I'm feeling better.

Yesterday life was less hectic with me being home we have stuff to do...

Yesterday I was I am just tired...but being pregnant I'm constantly tired.

Yesterday is is here. I am going to enjoy today!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ode to Potato Chips

Thank you Lays for making Classic Potato Chips

Thank you for the salty goodness that meets a need.

Thank you that my morning sickness feels better when I am eating you.

Thank you that the greasy residue doesn't wreak havoc with my stomach.

I'm enjoying you.

It's making me feel better.

Another great way to enjoy a potato.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Morning Sickness Woes

I'm so thankful that there isn't smellovision on television.

I'm thankful that perfume can mask alot of stenches.

I've discovered that smells are really bad right now.

I'm hoping that lunch isn't too stinky today.

I'm feeling lousy!

I don't want to go to work at all....but I must.

I really hate Morning sickness

Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's the Weekend!

It's the weekend!

I don't have to go to work!

I get to go to lunch with friends!

I get to hang out with my family!

We have stuff that has to be done but I have time to do it!

I'm looking forward to relaxing!

I'm looking forward to resting!

I'm looking forward to being HOME!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Quack, Quack

Hear that quacking?

Right it...I do....what can it be?

That would be the Jonathan's getting all their ducks in a row and starting the process of changing our family tree.

Dan and I(more me but Dan too) made some big mistakes in our 20's regarding our finances. We made bad choices and dug ourselves a pretty big hole. Now we are trying to fix that. We are trying to make better choices and we have enrolled in the Financial Peace University class at our church this semester. We are going to make conscience choices now so that later we can be at peace with our financial situation.

We have a fire lit under us, we have goals in mind. We are looking forward to changing our financial future. It will be hard, there will need to be changes made but I know we can do, we must do it...we need to grow up, make tough decisions and work together to make our life the way we want it.

Pray for us as we go through this process...we probably will need it.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What a Day!

Thunder was crashing and rumbling last night.

Alarm clocks were blaring and radioing early.

Husband is going in early to get some much needed studying done so he's moving around earlier than normal.

Me...I'm trying to sleep and it's not I am/was tired this morning.

I get the kiddos off to school and misplace part of Jaron's lunchbox and find it as he needs to be walking out the door to the bus...stressful times.

I'm trying to get things in place for the sitter and make sure the new schedule we are implementing is clear.

I almost leave late for work...forgetting to pack myself a lunch in the process...I figure I will buy lunch today, and off I go.

Halfway to work I realize that I have Jaron's car seat in my car and Daddy is taking him to Karate tonight.

I decide that I will run home on my lunch break...if I remember.

Work is crazy and lots of people are gone and so I have to cover a class that I'm not familiar with and I go to lunch a little late.

Stop at Chipotle on my me heartburn and isn't the greatest for feeling sick to the stomach. Probably shouldn't have eaten while driving.

No specials teachers this afternoon...really not good for bathroom breaks.

Last kid isn't picked up till 6:25 and so I can't leave work till 6:30.

Mix up with Karate, go and pick up Janea, chicken out from walking in to take pictures, head home to eat.

Eating pizza for dinner...makes me sick to my stomach.

Still have to do laundry...Dan's out of pants...feeling tired, looking forward to rest.

Thankful homework is done, the boys are getting home and I can sleep soon.

Oh to start it all over again thankful that it is not going to rain tonight!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Kicking my Butt!

This pregnancy is kicking my butt.

I'm exhausted! Frequently feel nausous, have a general yuckiness to my tastebuds and at times I feel like I could sleep standing up.

Working is also taking a chore on me. My hours feel incredibly long since I don't get off work until 6:30. The schedule is more taxing than I anticipated. I've spoken to one of the directors and I am hoping that she is able to find me slighly better hours.

Our due date is April 25th. However, both of the older kids were early so I am anticipating an earlier delivery...we will have to see, each baby seems to tell me when they want to come so I don't know what will happen.

The kids are excited, especially Jaron. He is looking forward to being the older brother as well as the younger brother. He keeps asking if its a boy or a girl...and yes I will be finding out...

Well that's a little of what is going on with me...I'll keep you all posted on how I'm feeling and how big I start to get...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where were you?

Where were you 9 years ago?

What do you remember from that day?

I was getting ready for school, I was student teaching the first gradein St. Charles Illinois and we had on the Today Show and I remember stopping to watch the coverage when the first plane had hit and we didn't know what was going on. Then we watched as the 2nd plane went into the other tower. I was in shock, didn't know what was going on at all and at the same time I was mesmorized but what I was seeing. I had to leave very soon after the second plane hit and the staff meeting that morning was subdued.

The day was different, the students were mostly oblivious but we did have some absent that day and more were picked up early by parents. The PE and Art teachers were able to watch coverage throughout the day and kept us posted on what was happening. During lunch we ate and watched TV set up on a table in the Teacher's lounge which wasn't ever there...we witnessed the 2nds tower collapse and sat just dumbfounded by what had happened. I remember being concerned for my family and my young daughter and what the future would hold.

It was such an intense day. I was glued to the TV for days after as well and wanted to know all kind of information about what was going on.

I hope I never forget what happened that day. I want to understand, I want to never forget, I want to remember to say Thank You to those who risk their lives to save others.

Thank you to everyone who helps to keep AMERICA safe! I appreciate you!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010


It's Thursday. I know its Thursday but I really wish it was Friday!

Tonight Jaron has his 2nd Karate Class...he's so excited.

Tomorrow is my first payday at the new job...I'm so excited!

Janea is thinking of joining either newspaper club or Drama club...I'm thinking is she but she has a back up plan!

The kids are settling into a school routine pretty good...we have some tweaking to do but that should happen soon.

Busy week...and a busy schedule...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Karate Kid

Jaron has been BEGGING for 3 months to take Karate classes. We were going to get him started during the summer but with me not working and not sure what I would be doing on the job front we waited until I had a job to get him signed up. We also weren't sure what type of class to do, where to go, that whole he brought home a sheet from school about a class being offered through the local community center at one of the local schools. BINGO! That's the ticket....that is the class for him. That way he can start and then we can go from there and determine if its a good fit for him.

Last night was the first class...HE LOVED IT! Looks like it's something he enjoys and we will see how he does as the weeks go on!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


So I've become a little erratic in my blogging.

It's not that I don't want to blog or don't have stuff to blog about...but I am literally so tired that when I get to blogging, my thoughts get randomized and rambling and I think that it would be boring.

I am still here...I haven't died...I have some big things to share soon....

Till later friends,

Monday, August 30, 2010

Right Now

I'm feeling tired

I'm eating peanut butter toast.

I'm frustrated that the place i need to call isn't open until 9:30 and then i will be at work and will have to wait till 2 to call and I'm hoping I don't forget.

I'm killing time before leaving for work.

I'm not sure if I'm liking my new schedule!

Friday, August 27, 2010


Sorry it's been busy around here and I am adjusting to a new schedule so I'm behind on blogging.

1. I got a job! Praise God! I am working at a childcare center as the lead teacher for the older 3s and younger 4s. I've been training all week.

2. My new hours are 9;30-6:30. Makes for a long day. Especially since I get up with the family and see everyone off. I do have a good hour of alone time where I have time to tidy up the house, get things ready for dinner and pack my lunch. I'm glad for this since I'm really tired when I get home at night.

3. We now have an afternoon child care person. The kids get to hang out for an hour and half with a babysitter and it seems to be working out well...only 3 days in but it's nice to not worry about.

4. the kiddos are doing good in school. They seem to like it and are learning the new routines well. We still need to work on the homework schedule but that won't be a big problem...Janea's got harder homework this year and is learning that she needs to allow more time.

5. Dan's doing well on Days and we're pretty much adjusted to being on the same schedule. We also have pretty much figured out sleeping again in the same bed so we are sleeping better.

Well that's a little that is going on...will update more I adjust more to our new hours.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Working Interview

Today I am going back and doing a working interview.

Basically I will teach a lesson and be observed to see what type of teacher I am.

It's going to be fun and yet it is a little bit stressful.

Here's hoping that I impress everyone!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Big Kids

I forgot to post these yesterday. Here are Janea and Jaron all ready for the first day of school! It's hard to believe that they are in 2nd and 5th grades! They are already enjoying school and it looks like it will be a good year. Getting Ready to head to the bus!

My handsome 2nd grader!

My beautiful and intense 5th grader!

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Day Before the First Day of School

Tomorrow is the first day of school.

The kids meet their teachers tonight.

We're getting excited.

I have an interview this morning.

Not sure what we will do this afternoon.

It's going to be a good day.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Last Minute Preparations

We're in the final push for school.

Got to get the last few things together.

We know which teachers the kiddos have for the upcoming year.

Jaron is in 2nd grade and not looking forward to school.

Janea is in 5th and nervous but excited all at the same time.

This weekend will be spent making sure all the laundry is done, lunch stuff is bought and plans are made.

It rained so it's not as hot this morning...a nice relief.

Back to school night is on will be different this year juggling 2 schools and 2 buses...I'm a little nervous about the process but know we will get it down.

I have an interview on's hoping I get a job too.

Can't believe how quickly the summer has gone by...looking forward to the upcoming School year!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Never a Dull Moment

This morning Janea and I were going about cleaning out some trashcans using the shower to fill them up with hot and soapy water in order to clean them out (they were really nasty). Well, we got them rinsed and filled with water and then Janea comes to me and says in a bit of a panic..."Mom, I can't turn the water off!" I go into the bathroom and the handle is only spinning and spinning. I try to use a screwdriver to get it to turn luck...I'm getting really really stressed and the bathroom is filling full of I call my DAD! He comes to my rescue...but he can't get it to turn off we have to turn the water off to the whole house! In the midst of this I accidently turned the water back on as I was trying to turn it completely off getting my Dad wet in the process...SORRY DAD! He tries all he can but says that we're going to have to call the maintenence department since he's not sure if a plumber is needed or not.
I see My Dad off on his way back to work and call the main office. Within 15 minutes the maintenence guy is here. He says the handle is broken but he won't get a new part until tomorrow but he is able to turn it so that the water is shut off so I can turn the water back on in the house! So now the shower looks like this...
It's times like this I am glad we are renting as opposed to homeowner since i don't have to fix this adrenaline rush later I can honestly say that I'm glad this is over!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Walking Woes

Last night we finished the season of volleyball. After our second game I called Dan to let him know I would be leaving shortly and that I was stopping at Burger King for a Frozen Coke on the way home.

Well, I walked into the building that has restrooms for those playing volleyball and as I was going through the door while talking on my cell phone to my husband I tripped not seeing the step and the door slammed on my foot....I have broken skin on both sides and boy does it hurt!

Some people can't walk and chew gum at the same time, I guess I can't walk and talk on my phone at the same time!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Game Time

They are playing nicely!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


We were talking about the discipline of God this morning at church. Talking about that God uses discipline to shape us into the person He was us to be. He is removing the impurities so that we become more a reflection of Him. It was a good reminder on dealing with discouragement and also on waiting on God's timing for things.

After church we had to use more strenuous discipline with one of the kids. The behavior was inappropriate and action was needed. So Dan had to discipline. Were we being mean? No we were trying to shape and mold our child into a more appropriate behavior.

Real world action to reinforce in me a Spiritual message. It's important to be a person who lives and deals appopriately with discipline.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


last night I went to bed before 8 was asleep before 9 and slept until 8:30 this was lovely.

That is all.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Oh well..

The interview I had yesterday decided to hire someone else.

I guess it wasn't the job that God wanted me to have. I am glad that I got some more practice with the interviewing process and I am happy with the interview I gave. I will continue to look. I know that there is something out there for me.

Please pray that I will continue to have a good attitude about the process and that other opportunities will open up.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Being Helpful

Every morning since Dan has started on day shift, I help him by making him a nutritious smoothie for breakfast. He seems to enjoy them and I think I have finally perfected my here goes...

1. Start with clean blender
2. Add a 1/2 cup of frozen fruit...this morning I used peaches.
3. Add a protein and vitamin supplement...we use Whey protein and Ruby Reds by New Vitality.
4. Add yogurt...we use Vanilla you could use any type...I add 4 large soup spoonfuls
5. Add Flax oil...1-2 Tbsp.
6. Add milk...Dan prefers Soymilk to Cow Milk. I use about a cup and a half
At this stage it doesn't really look too yummy...more like a hodgepodge of stuff.

6. Blend until Smooth

7. Serve and Enjoy!
This smoothie is enough to help Dan get through to lunchtime. It works for us. Cleanup takes no longer than a bowl of cereal and all the parts are dishwasher safe!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Out with Daddy

Dan took the kiddos to get Shaved Ice last night while I was playing Volleyball. Jaron was really worried that I was missing out but Dan assured him I would get my own cold frozen treat on the way home. I did...a frozen coke from Burger King hit the spot after 2 hours of playing volleyball in the sticky Missouri summer evening.

The first Step

I have an interview tomorrow!

Praying that if it is God's will that it will be the job and if its not then it is a good opportunity to feel more worthwhile and have an opportunity to enhance my skills.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Well, I got notice that at least one of my options is no longer an option. Got an email stating that one application was no longer active.

2 more still out with that school district.

2 more I have no way of tracking.

I'm feeling bummed.

Keeping Busy

I've decided to no longer wait and wring my hands and worry about what I am doing job wise. I know God has something for me...I just need to wait on Him. I'm seeking and looking but I will not keep looking at my phone and demand that it ring.

My goals for the week include:

* kids's gotten bad

* change sheets on my bed and wash all bedding.

* finish the laundry, fold and put it all away.

* tackle my closet.

* Janea's room...rearrange.

If I get an interview...the week will include hair cuts and stuff...

Plus I get to play volleyball tonight and I have an AWANA meeting on Thursday. It's good to have things to do and keep my mind focused.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Countdown Begins

Today is the beginning of August...seriously, the year is flying by. I remember when I was a kid and time moved so much slower, or maybe I moved much faster I don't know. I can't get over the fact that it is August already.

The kids go back to school on the 17th. Hooray! They need to go back, they need to interact with other children, they need to be away from each other! I need them to quit fighting.

So the countdown to school begins...16 more days...I really hope I know something job wise for me by then...

Friday, July 30, 2010

An unTypical Evening

Usually when Dan and I go and watch TV in our room as opposed to the living room it's to get away from the kid programs on Nick or Cartoon Network or the Disney Channel.

Well, tonight, I went into the bedroom and Dan soon followed and guess what we watched? The Disney Channel...and the kids were no where in site...

This is almost as bad as the day I watched the Backyardigans and the kids weren't even home.

On a side note...Wizards of Waverly Place and Phineas and Ferb were both really funny tonight!


* It dawned on me last night as I was putting the kids school supplies up that I posted the picture of them as a Wordless Wednesday post on THURSDAY...I'm all mixed up on days of the week.

*Chocolate ICE CREAM is yummy...a Chocolate SNOW CONE is not so do I know this? Jaron got a chocolate snow cone from Tropical Sno Cones last night and then didn't like it so I traded my Yummy Blue Rasberry for his not so good Chocolate cuz I'm a good mom.

*Last night we had the most perfect weather...not to hot, not to humid, just right....loved it!

*Kiddos are all enrolled in school...only 18 more days till they go back now the big question is...will I or won't I have a position for the Fall...I'm leaning toward will...but I'm not getting any calls so I'm stressed that I won't.

*I'm trying to be a supportive wife to my husband and so I have been making him smoothies before work...I think I may have perfected my recipe!

*Lunch bags are way cuter now than when I was a kid...Janea's lunch bag for fall is this cute purple purse and if I was honest I would say that I really wish it was for me...just saying.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

*Big Sigh*

Okay, maybe I'm missing something but I don't enjoy being a SAHM (stay at home mom). I'm not being critical of SAHM's and don't get me wrong, I enjoy getting time with my family and I love being a teacher where I get summers off but I'm done. I'm tired of staying home all the time and I think I may have Cabin Fever. I've been on a cleaning and organizing kick and my house is better off for it. I've had lots of quality time with the kids but I am so ready for them to go back to school so that they have more structure and less idle time on their hands.

I'm missing going to work. I'm missing the purpose it gives me. I'm feeling frumpy dumpy. I'm not enjoying doing the same things everyday. I'm lacking good motivation. At the start of the summer I was motivated to get my house more undercontrol before the Fall school year. I've done that. I was looking forward to taking a few vacations or trips...done that...

Waiting to be called for a job interview that may or may not happen is excurtiating for me. I'm full of self doubt and am second guessing myself and my qualifications. I'm also getting mad cuz in my eyes I look pretty good to a potential employer and yet they haven't called. I'm also jumping the gun on the pity party since I just applied less than 4 days ago and there is a process on both ends. So I'm still looking for place to apply to and that's a process I don't enjoy.

Tomorrow the kiddos will get re-enrolled for school and the countdown will begin. We will get their school supplies, haircuts and double check wardrobes in preparation for the first day. I'm praying I have a job by then otherwise my days will be extra long waiting for them to come home and having Dan off at work.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Okay, I was checking my email and had a totally bizarre thought today.

Based on the variety of emails both regular and spam I get I am:

  • pregnant
  • suffering from erectile dysfunction
  • dating
  • in need of medical attention
  • depressed
  • needing a bracelet to renew my energy
  • the long lost relative of some dead person who left me a ton of money

I guess its a good thing I'm none of these...I think its ridiculous the types of junk mail one can get.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Hard Part

I'm in the hard part of job hunting.

The waiting...I have sent out multiple applications. I have mailed in a few, submitted a few online. I'm like a little kid...I want to know NOW....I want that call for an interview TODAY!

This is always where I struggle. I know God is in control and He will lead me to the perfect job or give me the lead that I need. I know that if it is His will I will get called for an interview...but I have to wait on His timing. That isn't to say that I sit back and do nothing, no, I pursue leads, I submit applications and do what I need to do but He is the one who will allow the right job for me. I don't know what it is or what the plan is for me...but I know it will happen...when God wills I have to wait.

I just wish it wasn't so HARD.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday Funny

I walked into the bathroom only to discover Janea reading in the bathtub! Had to get pictorial evidence of her actions!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Lazy Day

I'm feeling lazy today.

I don't have a lot of purpose in what I am doing...and though I have a few projects left but they are in areas of the house with little airconditioning and I'm a bit of a wimp so I am putting it off until there is a little break in the's like a 110 in my walk in closet.

I've tackled areas of the house and I am making progress. We are is getting more organized. It's a good thing...but not as time consuming.

I'm job hunting and sent out 2 applications by mail and filled out one online but the selection is limited for what I need and I'm feeling discouraged. Did find out that unemployment is not going to happen at all and that's frustrating and while we are not destitute, I'm budgeting big time to make the money I've saved stretch as long as possible.

Normally at this time in the summer I am planning for the school year in the fall and working hard at getting things ready for my classroom...but I have no classroom so that is not necessary right now...its frustrating.

The kids and I are going to the pool and enjoying the summer but we need to get into a more regular routine. We are LOVING having daddy at home at night and enjoying seeing more of him and it's nice to be more "normal" but at the same time this is an atypical summer and I'm ready for school to start again.

So I guess I'll be lazy today for awhile...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


*a rainy evening.

* my family all home.

* a yummy dinner and ice cream for dessert.

* feeling content.

Me Likey!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Recharging my Batteries

This weekend I got to recharge my batteries a little.

Saturday for lunch I met the gals from my old school and hung out and ate yummy cheeseburgers. It was nice to see them and hang out and talk and catch up. I've been feeling a little bit depressed because of the school closing things and its nice to see people who are in the same boat. Our former co-worker Katy came too and I love getting to hang with my friend and it will be a year until I get to hang out with her again since she is going back to the Phillipines to teach for another year.

Saturday afternoon we dropped the kiddos off at my parents to spend the night! This was a much needed time for me to just hang out with Dan. We headed off to Kansas for dinner and a movie. We ate at Ted's Montana Grill...very good food...and then went and saw the Sorceror's Apprentice. It was a good movie and we enjoyed just hanging out together. Once we got home it was nice to watch TV without constantly being interrupted by the children.

Sunday was weird going to church without the kids but they were with Grandma and Grandpa at their church and we had to leave immediately after church to get out to Kaufman Stadium to see the Royals play. It was FIKE day at the K...they were celebrating with tickets for having 1,000,000 hours worked without injuries or days lost. We had good seats but it was so hot and in full sun that we only stayed for a few innings before leaving. We aren't really baseball people.

I picked the kids up around 5 and we enjoyed the evening with the kids. All in all I needed the break from my kids so that I am a better mom. So I am glad to just have had time to recharge a little.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Making Progress???

Okay, so I have been trying to get my house under control for what 7 months...yeah...7 months. It's been my goal for the year.

Progress is being made and I think I know why everything has started to fall into place this week. Dan isn't SLEEPING all day! Now why would that make a difference? I can tell's an energy I am not getting mystical and saying the energy in the house is's an energy thing with me...I'm tired by the time he used to go to work and so BIG things didn't get done. Plain and's hard to start a project at 3 in the afternoon and finish it in a timely 3 I'm tired and ready to just hang out with the kids, not start a big project.

Dan's on a new schedule at work and we are still adjusting to it and all but I can work on projects that need to be done now earlier in the day. The kids don't have to be quiet and I can get them to help more with tunes playing and without me shushing them all day. Our bedroom is right off the kitchen so they had to be quiet so Dan could get some good sleep. I also was able to work on the rooms that really needed help since I could run the vacuumm as needed and not worry about waking him up.

Here's my accomplishments so far this week:
*caught up on all the laundry!
*cleaned and organized my bedroom
*rearranged my bedroom furniture
* reorganized and fully cleaned our bathroom
*living room more undercontrol
* cleaned the kitchen daily after meals and the like.
*made the bed every day this week!

Okay, little steps I know but I am doing it! It's progress...and I am feeling good about it.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I hate job hunting.

I hate it.

It's tiring, frustrating and Long.

That is all

It's Hot's hot today!

I went out to pick up Dan's contact lenses at the Optometrist and I'm glad to come home to the air-conditioning.

I just checked the weather site and it's only 88 degrees but the heat index is at 101. It's only going to get hotter today.

Heavy humidity makes for some super hot days.

I'm thinking we need to go to the pool this afternoon.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We have a mini pumpkin patch growing right outside our door. We planted wildflowers and were surprised when the rotten pumpkins from the fall went to seed and sprouted all on their own. We are monitoring the progress of these and will see what happens! It's the most unexpected and pleasant surprise!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Burr Oak Woods

We spent Sunday afternoon hiking around Burr Oak Woods. Some snapshots of our hike!

..such a Beautiful Day!