Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanks I needed That!

I've not been feeling real good this week.

I've been tired, crabby, not sleeping really well, and just feeling blah!

I won't call in sick for general yuckiness or anything...that isn't what sick days are for. Plus, I don't want to take advantage of my works generosity in giving time off. And they are good about trying to be accomodating for doctor's appointments or stuff like that. I did really want to call in and just have a chill day but I couldn't justify it and I wasn't really sick and if I called in sick that would be lying and that is wrong.

Jaron got sick this week. Out of the blue. Fever, coughing, ear goop, the whole nine yards! So I called in to stay home with him...a valid reason to stay home! So Jaron...thanks for getting sick! It was nice to have a day off yesterday and a morning off today...I think I needed it...I'm feeling more rested and not as yucky!

Is it wrong to be thankful for sick children?

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