Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Working Momma Woes

I'm a working Mom.

I've been a working mom for most of my kids lives and for the most part it works for us.

It wasn't working this morning.

I had a big ol helping of Momma Guilt...over my current work hours.

I've been blessed in the past to have job hours conducive to school hours. Also I have had the privilige of having my children in the same school where I teach. This is no longer the case.

The kids are now home before me...way before me.

Janea really doesn't like my hours or having a babysitter in the house...She does love our babysitter but it's not the same as having mom home.

She laid the hurt down pretty hard this morning.

My feelings were very hurt, and the wound of working late was very raw this morning.

I'll admit it, I broke, cried, and wanted to do nothing more than quit...but I didn't quit.

I will be able to quit around the time of the baby but for now I am where I am. With lousy hours...that are hard, but we will make them work. I'm blessed to have a job...even when the blessing doesn't seem that great

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