Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Still waiting...

But waiting may turn into a good thing.

Several months ago I sent my cover letter and resume to a school over in Leawood.  I never heard anything at all and I assumed it was not to be.

Well, out of the blue yesterday I received a call from the director to come in and fill out an application. And they are checking my references and want me to come and teach a lesson.

So now I just need to get a babysitter for Friday morning!

This school follows a schedule similar to the big kids schedule is not a "daycare" and is doing the kind of teaching I I am hopeful!

I've been waiting on God to show me what He wants for me...this may be it!  I'm praying...will you pray for me as I seek this possible job?

Monday, August 29, 2011


I'm hear about a job.

It's not fun to wait.

I hate waiting...especially when it's been more than 2 or 3 days. 

I don't understand companies.

Shouldn't you call and let a person know one way or the other?  I'm just saying

Friday, August 26, 2011

Knock Knock

I went outside yesterday to wait for the big kids to get home from school and look what was knocking at our door!  Most content little bug I have seen for awhile...and no he didn't get to come inside!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Doctor Drama

Yesterday was a dramatic day for me...a tiring, stressful type of day.  Filled with DOCTORS....I'm getting to the point that I HATE going to the doctor. 

Jayden is 4 months old and had his 4 month check up yesterday.  We made it on time, got back to see the doctor, his check up is going really well until our Doctor is concerned about his weight on the growth charts.  Jayden is no small tyke...he is a BIG baby.  The scale at our Doctor office said he weighed 21 pounds, I had been weighing him regularly at home with me and I was sure he was around 19 pounds.  So I was a little bit surprised.  Well based on their measurement and his position on the growth curve for a child his age the doctor was concerned that there might be something causing his Thyroid.   So he wanted to do some bloodwork.  Well, we finished up the appointment, got our shots, and then heading next door to the hospital to have our bloodwork done.  As we get to the hospital it's beginning to rain and a very nice man in a golf cart gave me a ride to the nice!

After checking in at the hospital and heading into the lab we are called in.  Where they proceed to take 3 vials of blood from his heels...jaundice tests are done in the heel but call for a small amount of blood...getting 3 vials from the heel is a grueling process and super stressful for both Mom and baby.  Finally we get finished and head to the lobby where it is poring down rain....sheets of we waited till it lightened up and then got a ride back to the car by the same nice man in the golf cart!  I seriously love him!

I get home...and notice our power was on but that it had gone off again during our had been off and off all morning before our appointment.  I get Jayden down for a nap, sit to take a breather when the Doctor's office calls me...Jaydens initial bloodwork has come back showing HIGH Potassium which could be stressful on his heart and I need to take him to Children's Mercy to have them redo the lab and check him out.  PANIC mode sets in... I immediately call my parents and ask for prayer, start praying, call my husband, and I called my buddy Katy and told her and she offers to go with me...PRAISE GOD for friends!  I am so thankful for my friend who stepped in to help me through this.  I get ready to go and we are mom called during this time to see if I wanted her to go with me and I told her Katy was with me and could she help with the big kids instead...and she said yes....just keep her posted.

We get to Children's Mercy...tell the nurses what was going on...called the Doctor to confirm...and then we WAIT...and WAIT....and WAIT...after 2 hours we see the Doctor...he doesn't think that the weight is a problem or the Thyroid...and their scale is showing Jayden at 18-19 pounds...big but not a concern...but he does agree that we need to redo the Potassium levels...finally we get the test done...and Finally the result comes back and HE IS FINE...normal levels, not a problem...WHEW....Thank you Jesus!  4 hours later we get to leave...

On the way home I get a call from a place I have applied at and they call me for an Tuesday(today) at 2:30 I will go and interview and if it is God's will I will get the job!  I'm thankful that so many things worked out yesterday.

Hand of God Moments:
*my parents(who work at the same place) took 2 cars so my mom could come and meet the kids after school!
*my buddy Katy is home from the Phillipines and works mornings so she could come with me!
* my interview was scheduled after I knew my baby was fine!

Thankful for God's provision and a Healthy baby!  Looking forward to the rest of the week...oh and Jayden slept really good last night....poorthing was all tuckered out!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Surprise

Dan and I had a typical morning filled with Saturday stuff and getting ready for him to go to Bible Study.  I puttered around the house while he was gone and talked to my mom on the phone and trying to work up my motivation to accomplish anything when he got home.

"It's such a great day temperature wise we need to do something outside today!"  Dan says.

"Like what" says me...

"oh I don't know....Deanna Rose, Powell Gardens, the Zoo?"  says he.

"The Zoo...lets go to the zoo!"  Says me...

And so we did...and it was fun, we got rained on but that was okay and the baby didn't really sleep and that may be bad but we had some good old Family fun...just what we needed!

My kind of Saturday Surprise!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day of School

Ready for the first day of 3rd grade!

My Handsome 3rd Grader!

My serious 6th grader...can't be bothered to smile for Mom!

That's right...I like school...Here's a smile!

Ready for the 1st day of school!
Why can't I go to school yet...oh that's right...I don't know what school is!  I'll stay home with Mom!

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Final Days of Summer

The Final Days of Summer are upon us.  Kids go back to school on Wednesday.  They need to go back to school.  They are at that point where the only things they can think of doing is annoying the tar out of each other and being mean. 

Today was a chore day...or lets finish projects...and we're about half way done.

I heard back from one of the 2 jobs I interviewed for 2 weeks ago and I didn't get it...they do want to keep my info on file so there is hope but its still very discouraging.  I had such a good time at the interview that I could totally see myself working there and being part of the team.

Baby J had an atypical day...3 naps today.  A morning nap for 2 hours an early afternoon nap for 2 hours and a late afternoon nap for an hour.  Really hoping he still sleeps tonight...Sunday's are hard on him and that means his naps get thrown off on Sundays.

Well, that's what's up with us and all...busy week and busy schedules ahead!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Growing Up Is Hard to Do

Jayden had another first this week!

He has cut his first tooth.

On his 4 month birthday! 

It's been quite the experience!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Park Day!

The heat wave is OVER....and the temperatures are bearable again!  WAHOO!!!

So today I took the kiddos to the park...and a lovely time was had by all.  Jayden even got to ride a horse, go down the slide with his big brother a few times and rode in a swing!  I can't wait till he is bigger and can really enjoy playing at the park!

4 Months Old!

Jayden is 4 months old today!  I can't believe he has been here a third of a year already!  He is a happy growing boy and we love him to pieces!

To see how much he has grown please click here for pictures from his first 3 months

Monday, August 8, 2011

New Things

Baby J is officially out of the "Slug Phase" that what we call the time when baby doesn't do a whole lot, but eat, sleep and poop!  We have progressed from this.

He started with smiles. He is very good at smiling.  He has been doing this for about 9 weeks...and we like it!  But now are smiles are bigger and better for people he really Daddy, Mommy and my siblings.

Baby J can reach and grab things...mostly things like hair but now he can get the toys that are in front of him and get them to our mouth.  If laid on a blanket he tries to get the toys that are in front of him! He also enjoys standing in the exersaucer we are borrowing from a friend and reaching and manipulating the toys there!  All toys will eventually end up in the mouth!

Jayden is also now rolling over!  Much to mama's chagrin since he rolls over in the middle of the night!  This scares and wakes him up! He can rolls easily from tummy to back, back to side and occasionally from side to tummy!  We are very proud of him.

Scooting is a challenge but we are trying really really hard to master this!  He really wants to be able to keep up with the big kids and I know once he starts moving forward there will be no stopping this little guy!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Rainy Day

I schedule pictures to be taken outside today...and then it rained...but that's okay we still took pictures just inside and we will take more outside another day!  Now my grass will be green and lovely too when we try!

The kids are getting on their last nerves so I pull out the cake mix we bought a month ago and then it got so terribly hot that having the oven on seemed like torture.  It's nice and cooler this morning so we are making white confetti cupcakes with blue frosting...yummy!

The grass and flowers are getting a much needed drink of water and it's so nice to hear the sound of rain on the roof!

I love me a rainy day!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

SAHM thoughts

I really don't think I am cut out to be a full time SAHM.(stayat home mom)

Don't get me wrong...I totally respect people who are SAHM's.  I just don't think I am one of them.  I'm really struggling with it right now.  So I thought I would put my thoughts down listing pros and cons of being a SAHM from my point of view.


I get to be with my children.  I get to be the one influencing them.  I get to be there for them

I spend less money.

I can wear junky clothes and no one cares.

I can read books and enjoy nap time quiet.

I can breast feed and not need to pump.

I can cook healthy meals for my family.

I have to be with my children...all day even when they are being frustrating...which has been alot recently.

I have no extra money to spend.

I wear junky clothes and feel frumpy all day long...I'm lucky to get a shower.

I don't get as much accomplished as I should because I have lots of time to do it.

I am the ONLY person who feeds, changes, and does the majority of babycare.

Since there is no extra money there is no extra eating out so I have to cook ALOT.

So I am looking for a job and trying to make the most of life in general.  It can be alot sometimes.