Wednesday, August 3, 2011

SAHM thoughts

I really don't think I am cut out to be a full time SAHM.(stayat home mom)

Don't get me wrong...I totally respect people who are SAHM's.  I just don't think I am one of them.  I'm really struggling with it right now.  So I thought I would put my thoughts down listing pros and cons of being a SAHM from my point of view.


I get to be with my children.  I get to be the one influencing them.  I get to be there for them

I spend less money.

I can wear junky clothes and no one cares.

I can read books and enjoy nap time quiet.

I can breast feed and not need to pump.

I can cook healthy meals for my family.

I have to be with my children...all day even when they are being frustrating...which has been alot recently.

I have no extra money to spend.

I wear junky clothes and feel frumpy all day long...I'm lucky to get a shower.

I don't get as much accomplished as I should because I have lots of time to do it.

I am the ONLY person who feeds, changes, and does the majority of babycare.

Since there is no extra money there is no extra eating out so I have to cook ALOT.

So I am looking for a job and trying to make the most of life in general.  It can be alot sometimes.

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