Monday, April 23, 2012

2 Easters in 1 Year

How blessed we were to get to celebrate Easter twice since Jayden was born! Last Easter he was able to fit in the basket this year he got to enjoy all the fun!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Let Him Eat Cake

High Five for the Birthday Buddies!

First taste of his cake!

MMMMMmmm this is yummy!

Am I messy???
Jayden certainly enjoyed eating his first taste of Birthday cake.  I had planned on making him a gorgeous little cake for his birthday....didn't happen I am definitely not a cake decorator!  That didn't stop us from letting him eat my pathetic attempt at a cake and he certainly enjoyed it.  Happy Birthday Baby!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What? Really?? Am I that Late???

So I decided to take a peek here on the old blog and realized that I haven't posted anything in the month of April...lots has happened and I have recorded nothing....nada, not a letter, comma or if anyone is still reading's a little bit going on with us.

Saw the HUNGER GAMES movie and I was very pleased with it...sat in the 2nd row and got a neck cramp but other than that I really enjoyed the movie.

Easter Weekend...Birthday weekend.  My sister and Jayden share a birthday and so we had a super busy weekend.  Friday we had the day off for Good Friday and so my mother, Janea, Jayden and I went to get her a dress for the Spring Masquerade Banquet that Calvary was having...then we went back to Grandma's to dye eggs.  Saturday the big kids got to go to the Kaufmen Center and see Narnia the Musical and then everyone came over to my house to celebrate Jayden's and Wendy's birthdays.  Complete with cake, icecream and a yummy bbq dinner!  Then on Sunday the whole family was over again to celebrate that Christ is Risen!  It was a  busy and full weekend.

Jayden is now one and not quite walking.  He's still rather chicken to try and take steps but we are making progress as he did walk 3 or 4 last night to get to his water table.  My parents got him this AWESOME water table for his birthday and since it's still too cold for waterplay we have legos and other toys in it and it's a great height for him to pull up on and work in.  He also got 2 toy cell phones that he really enjoys playing with.

I have lots of pictures but I am currently not on my personal computer so I will have to wait on them.

Well, that's a little bit going on with us...hopefully I will post sooner rather than later...