Sunday, March 31, 2013

Beautiful Easter Weekend

Friday the weather was fabulous!  So we took the kids to the park and walked the track around!  It was a great day for some exercise!
 Jayden and Jaron enjoyed playing on the equipment at the park too!  Janea and Dan walked while the boys played and then we all walked together!

 Saturday we went to my parents house and dyed Easter eggs!  Jayden loved it and we had fun hanging out with my parents and sister!  

 Sunday we enjoyed a wonderful morning at church and then the family came over for Easter dinner and birthday cake as Jayden turns 2 very soon!  I didn't get pics today since I didn't have sufficient memory!  Mom took a bunch and as soon as I get them I will add them to the post!

Very thankful for a time of family fun and refreshment!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Little Things

I've been feeling rather under appreciated lately and then I am reminded that I matter in little ways:

A mom at work thanked me for writing a simple note on a daily sheet reminding her about a sack lunch being needed.  She would have forgotten otherwise but my note helped her and made her day smoother.

My daughter is on spring break this week and wanted to help mom out by working at preparing dinner for the family.  I helped some but she did quite a lot of it...and it was good!  Thanks to the firstborn for her help tonight!  I appreciate our wanting to help me by doing something I normally do!

The husband made the bed for me, I had taken off the sheets this morning and hadn't yet made the bed and he helped me out by putting the fresh sheet on, new pillowcases, and other things just because he loves me!  I'm looking forward to sleeping in a clean bed tonight.

The toddler is growing up, I can now peek in his classroom and see him throughout the day and he doesn't cry when I leave.  He knows that I am in the building and that I will come and get him when I am done with work and the teachers he is with take good care of him.  It makes the day move much more smoothly.

The 10 year old is going to make a cake tonight,  I am thankful that the kids are learning how to do more and more things and do them well.  I will have to help him but he is capable of doing a lot of it himself!  I'm glad he is growing and maturing.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Warm Day in March

Cheese!  So much fun!

Tic Tac Toe

Stop trying to take my picture mom!

Motorcycle man

Such concentration

Through a tunnel!

Jayden loves the slides

Brothers and friends and sliding partners!

I don't want to leave!

Swinging for 5 minutes before we head home

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Busyness and other whatnot

So here it has been about 2 weeks and I have fallen off the blog wagon...but not really.  See I've wanted to blog, had some posts in my head but honestly, we have been soooo busy this month!

So here's an update:

I turned 36 on the 6th...yes, 36...and I am old.  This birthday has been rather hard and I really don't like that I am now closer to 40 than 30 and it's mind boggling how old I am.  Dan and the kids took me out for dinner on my birthday and my folks had the kids and I over on the day after my birthday.  

Dan and I decided it was time to get me a new camera for my birthday!  HOORAY!  My other camera wasn't closing in the battery hatch and so I downsized to a small compact point and shoot with more features than my other one and better resolution.  I love getting to play with my new toy!

Friday the 8th Janea had a debate tournament at her school.  They were hosting so judges were needed.  I went to the evening session and judged storytelling and I enjoyed it very much, The firstborn and I didn't get home until rather late though and so the next morning was very tiring as the toddler decided to get up at his normal time!

 On the 9th we had AWANA Grand Prix...and Jaron raced his car...didn't place well but that's okay. Janea and Dan stayed home with Jayden since he and the car race wouldn't have been a good fit.
Sunday the 10th Dan and I got to go to the Matinee performance of Calvary Bible College's Seussical.  It was a lot of fun and nice to be out together without the kids.

 This week was weather week in my classroom and on Monday night I made Rainbow stew for Rainbow day.  The toddler decided that he needed to try it out for me and pose for the camera at the same time
The toddler is fascinated by all things big kid and this week he also decided that he needed to do homework with his brother.  

I can't believe my baby is going to be 2 in just under a month.  It's been a crazy busy month and it isn't slowing down at all...but that's a snapshot of my life right now!

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Sometimes your plan isn't what you want...but it's sometimes what He has for you.

Sometimes you feel angry or tired...and God is there to help you.

Sometimes you get angry and use inappropriate language...and God gently taps you on the shoulder and reminds you that you are better than that.

Sometimes you feel down and crazy sad...and a song of Praise will lift your Spirit and turn your focus on HIM.

Sometimes you get angry and ask Why?....and sometimes there is no immediate answer, but He is still there.

Sometimes you wonder why you are given something you didn't know you wanted or needed...and God reminds you HE is in control.

Sometimes you can't believe you are getting to be so old and yet you are so young and immature in your thinking...I'm thankful God is not like me.

Sometimes you need to step back, breathe and just be thankful for the life you are given.  I'm that sometime today...thankful that my God is bigger, and greater than anything I can feel, think or wonder.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Looking Back to Look Forward

It's that time again...evaluation time.

It's been another month.  Another goal, another process of seeing if I am better.

Well, I've kinda fallen off the blog wagon...but I have been busy and the toddler has discovered watching TV.

I've been trying to make more time with the hubby so I am off the computer more.

I've been trying to be loving and giving this month and show love even when I am tired, frustrated or being selfish.

See, I'm human and I am not superwoman and I forget that sometimes.

It's been a full and crazy month.

I have shown love, I have been snowed in, I have put others needs before mine.  I have helped in ways I have not thought physically possible.

It's been good, bad and challenging all wrapped into one.

Well, what does March look like...what's the goal....what do I need to work on.

My goal this month is HEALTH.  Being healthy.  Eating healthy, behaving healthy, loving healthy, a good goal.

Hopefully an attainable one.  I'm feeling much healthier mentally but I still have work that needs to be done.  So HEALTH is the goal.

Here's to a good month!