Friday, March 1, 2013

Looking Back to Look Forward

It's that time again...evaluation time.

It's been another month.  Another goal, another process of seeing if I am better.

Well, I've kinda fallen off the blog wagon...but I have been busy and the toddler has discovered watching TV.

I've been trying to make more time with the hubby so I am off the computer more.

I've been trying to be loving and giving this month and show love even when I am tired, frustrated or being selfish.

See, I'm human and I am not superwoman and I forget that sometimes.

It's been a full and crazy month.

I have shown love, I have been snowed in, I have put others needs before mine.  I have helped in ways I have not thought physically possible.

It's been good, bad and challenging all wrapped into one.

Well, what does March look like...what's the goal....what do I need to work on.

My goal this month is HEALTH.  Being healthy.  Eating healthy, behaving healthy, loving healthy, a good goal.

Hopefully an attainable one.  I'm feeling much healthier mentally but I still have work that needs to be done.  So HEALTH is the goal.

Here's to a good month!

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