Saturday, January 29, 2011

Still Working on It

Well, my trip wasn't quite as successful as I had hoped. For just food we came under budget but with the other stuff we needed at Walmart we were about 30 dollars over our anticipated goal. But considering that we did need non food essentials I would say 30 dollars isn't real bad.

We also hit use our Extra getting Shampoo, conditioner and diapers for FREE!!! It's hard to believe we are buying diapers again but we is coming soon.

Also went to Home Depot...Dan had a gift card from Christmas and enjoyed looking at seeding stuff for plants and we got another shelf unit to use in the basement!

All in all a most successful shopping day!

Having A Plan

The last few weeks I have been couponing and while I LOVE saving money I get overwhelmed in the store and struggle with figuring out what I need to buy.

Well, this week I will attempt to grocery shop without getting overwhelmed.

I organized the pantry and list by thing I know that we need.

I listed on my grocery list all the items and the quantity of each one and brand that I need to redeem my coupon.

I also have a good idea of how much I will save before going if I use all my coupons.

Once we get to the store Janea and I will tackle the shopping and Dan and Jaron will get the non perishables and some other non couponing stuff we need...Janea is in charge of the calculator and keeping track of our spending. If all goes to plan we should be well under budget.!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

5 Things...Senses Edition

Right now I am...

1. Smelling the oatmeal cooking in my rice cooker! I love cooking oatmeal this way!

2. Hearing my husband on the treadmill downstairs, my click clack keyboard, and my kids in the other rooms.

3. Seeing...the dishes that need to be done...I must load the dishwasher tonight.

4. Feeling...the little baby in my womb do back flips and somersaults...seriously this kid can move.

5. Tasting...well, not this minute but in just a few I will be enjoying a big bowl of hot oatmeal covered in Raw Brown's so good...and just what I wanted for dinner tonight!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


My kids are noisy...

They are either Loud or REALLY LOUD!

This poor baby is going to have to learn to sleep through lots of noise or they are going to have to learn to be quieter!


Monday, January 24, 2011

Things that Make you Really Thankful

Today I found out that one of my students mother has a new kidney and can now swim with her...

I knew this mom had health issues but at the same time you don't want to ask what type of health issues they are...well, I now know that this mom has been on dialysis and on the wait list for a new kidney for over a year...WOW! I complain about being pregnant and tired and stressed but I don't have the same issues as this family.

The student is adopted and I thought that her mom was simply a single mom well I also found out today that her husband died about 4 years back....while they were in the process of adopting...

So I am thankful for my health, my beautiful family, my loving husband and for all my aches and pains...they are nothing compared to what others are facing!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spring Where Art Thou?

Spring....I long for you.

Spring...I look forward to your arrival. will melt this snow.

Spring...the season when our new arrival comes. can't get here soon enough!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Love a Good Deal

I got in the mail this week a mailer with coupons for restaurants and the like.

Well, there were coupons for Great Clips and 4.99 haircuts. On the page were 2 coupons! So I planned on us getting haircuts this weekend. This morning Janea and I headed out to get our hair trimmed.

I got a half inch off and Janea got an inch off and her's shaped. She looks a lot better and I feel a lot better about mine.

Total cost plus tip for 2 hairdressers: 13.98! So I saved over 15 dollars!


On a different note, between the coupons we have clipped the last 2 weeks and the sites I have found for coupons online I saved $12 dollars at the grocery store this week! I'm feeling good about it if I can just keep it up!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

What to do??

Okay, here's the deal...what type of carseat should we get for the new baby.

Our options for infants are a Carrier type for early on and the Convertible carseat.

I'm torn really between the two. We did use a carrier for the older two kids and it worked very well until they were like 4 months old, then it was heavy, awkward and a pain and we would go and get a convertible seat.

The convertible seat would work from birth to probably around 3. They are more cost effective but then you have the hassle of needing to carry them around, but since I am thinking about using a wrap or a sling anyway it would probably not be as big a hassle...I could have hands free movement in stores or at church and not be lugging an additional 20 pounds of carseat around with me. Plus we have the big kids to help us carry stuff...and a good stoller would work too.

I could really use some other's opinions about what works for you and your thoughts regarding car seats.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I woke up this morning, turned on the Morning News and the first thing I see is that Belton has cancelled school for the day.

There has been a little bit of drizzle and the roads are slicker than normal but haven't they ever heard of something called a 2 hour delay???

Now I am scrambling once again to try to find a babysitter and see if I can make it into work for the afternoon...also trying to figure out what to do since the kids probably won't have school since snow moves in to town tomorrow night...

I'm not enjoying this weather!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Lazy Saturday

Don't you just love a lazy Saturday? I know I do.

Today has been one of those good type days...

I woke up early but wasn't feeling up to getting up so I lounged in the bedroom and dozed for another couple of hours.

I took a SUPER long shower, with all my girly products and did my best shaving my's getting harder with the baby belly, then enjoyed hanging out in the warm bathroom as I got dressed and took my time with all the other stuff you need to do to keep dry skin at bay during winter.

This afternoon we took a long trip to Walmart and got the grocery shopping and meal planning done for the week...took a long time but that's okay...we had the time.

Tonight I will fold some laundry and get the laundry going again for next's pizza night so we have Take and Bakes and Frozen pizza so dinner is super easy kind of meal!

I also got the kitchen floor mopped and Dan's got some stuff started for a recipe he's going to make tomorrow...all in all a good day!

Friday, January 14, 2011

5 things

1. So glad that the kids had school for 2 days this week! I think they could have gone on Wednesday but I'm not in charge. I stayed home Monday, Dan Tuesday and we had a babysitter for Wednesday....I'm glad life is getting more back to normal.

2. Budgeting is HARD. I really want to not take my lunch to work today and just go out for lunch but I've already used my "mad money" for the week so that is not an option. So I will take some leftovers and deal with it but I'm not really happy about it.

3. It's COLD...I'm looking forward to warmer weather and SPRING!

4. 26 weeks and counting....I've got roughly 14 weeks to go if I go to term and I am so Ready for them to fly J is getting much more active and sometimes he kicks so hard it really really HURTS!

5. It's FRIDAY!!!! I'm so glad that it's FRIDAY!!!! I'm looking forward to staying home tomorrow and relaxing and getting the house back into a better shape!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Art of the Deal

We watched a show the other night on TV on people who are considered "Extreme Couponers". Honestly, the deals they got were amazing...and yet at the same time they have so much stuff stockpiled that its just a room full of stuff, a burden at the same time as being a good deal. Well, it started Dan and I into thinking about other ways to save money.

In March I will be quitting my job and start being a SAHM. The cost of infant care and the big kids day camp costs are more than I would be bringing home in income and why should I pay someone to watch my kids while I am taking care of other peoples kids and not bringing home any income in the it makes since to "retire" from the classroom and be with my least until August when I will try and find a different job. With my quitting we will be tightening the budget belt and trying to get the most bang for our buck...and we are practicing income now goes for paying the babysitter and helping to build up an emergency fund for when I am not working.

Well, we started at CVS...I am always impressed at the deals I see where people are being more or less paid for the good they buy there...well we went today and though we did spend a little bit initially we did leave the store with $20 in "Extra Care Bucks" that we will be able to use for other purchases at CVS...when paired later with other Extra care deals we will basically be getting paid for shopping there...can't beat that! It does take some planning but at the same time it is kind of exhilarating!

We did use coupons at Wal-mart today too...and we saved around $8.50 off the total bill...we will continue to clip coupons and try and find the best deals and see if we can start saving more money weekly.

I will say may take the kids some time to get used to the fact that we are changing our habits and looking for the best options for a good deal. They are used to us eating out more and not being as careful...but at the same time I think it is good for the kids to see that we are working on being careful stewards of the money that God has entrusted to us and striving to use it wisely! It's all about living different now so we can live better later. It's a good lesson for us all.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bump Check 25 weeks

So here I am in all my pregnant glory. The Bump is getting bigger! I've now outgrown 2 pairs of maternity pants and the ones that are low rise are officially uncomfortable. I really look forward to coming home and putting on comfy pj pants! Also, taking pictures in a mirror is a little bit challenging!

Friday, January 7, 2011


Hip Hip Hooray!

It's Friday!

I'm so glad that I'll have 2 days off!

Also the countdown is on for when I "retire" for awhile from teaching...after the end of today I will only have 9 more weeks of work!

I'll then have the kids Spring Break with them and then I will get 5 weeks(if I go to term, which I am hoping I don't) for nesting, adjusting to being a SAHM and getting ready for Baby J.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

wants vs needs

This pregnancy is challenging to me in many ways. One being cravings for different foods.

Tonight for instance...I so WANT a McDonalds Vanilla Milkshake smothered in whipped cream minus the cherry...It sounds so good and yummy and I want RIGHT NOW! Now, I could be whiny and pitiful and send Dan out tonight to get me one. However, I'm not. It's not in the budget, it's a minor thing and he's worked hard today and is tired. It's not a Need...we have food in the house, we have yummy things that are good or better for me than a Milkshake...but I really do WANT one... but i don't NEED's such a challenge.

The whiny pitiful side of me really wants to send him out for a milkshake, the pragmatic side of me is saying no...and I feel kinda stuck in the middle...

So I'm drinking Hot Chocolate, used up the last of the whipped cream and thinking of other things I can eat that are sweet...

Pregnancy is so hard at times...

Quality Time

Dan and I don't get a ton of quality alone time...and even now when we are alone there is technically a child with us! Well, last night we got to enjoy an evening meal alone without the was nice! Plus we had a date night on Sunday so we are enjoying getting to hang out together more!

I got off work yesterday at 6:26 and proceed to call home like a do every day. Wednesday's are AWANA night and our Financial Peace class is now over so we don't have anything to do while the kiddos are at AWANA. So I told Dan tht I was starving and we should go get a bite to eat after he drops the kids off..and we did. Nothing fancy...Taco Bueno...but good food and the ability to talk through our day and enjoy each other's company without the kids.

After eating he dropped me back off at church(where I left my car) and I hung out and chatted with friends until AWANA was over...and we were home by 8:35! Worked out great! Eating a meal where I wasn't rushed recharged my batteries a little bit too! I slept like a log last night!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ByeBye Christmas

Yesterday I took down the Christmas Tree and most of the Christmas Decorations.
Yesterday was the last day of Christmas break for the kiddos.
Today we are back to a "normal" routine!
Today we are all back to school or work.

So long Christmas...see you next year!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Best laid Plans

I have the day off today and for the past week I have made plans for what I wanted to accomplish. However, I'm having a tired day...and being pregnant a tired day means that I need to REST.

I don't want to rest today. I want to get my to do list done! I want that sense of accomplishment that comes with getting things done...but if I push myself too hard it's not good for me or the baby. So I am doing a few things than resting...then doing a few more things and then resting...and if I don't get the list done so be it...we'll see how much I do actually accomplish today!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Pregnancy Update

I had another Ob appointment today. Dan and the kiddos went with me so Dan could meet the doctor and the kids could hear the heartbeat. First appointment that Dan has made with this pregnancy.

Here's some quick stats.

Measuring 24 and 1/2 inches fundal height

Heartbeat 160.

my blood pressure was 122/78 (which is kinda high for me but I am the only one who seems to be concerned)

and I gained 5 pounds in 4 weeks...which is also a good thing.

So we have roughly 16 weeks to go...we'll see when he makes his appearance!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Wow! I can't believe it is 2011 already!

2010 was a rough year for me...a good year filled with many good things. However, at the same time 2010 has been a year of changes for are some of the changes from 2010.

1. JOB My school I went job a job that I really don't's hard to go from a job that is your passion to one you just tolerate!

2. HOUSING--okay this one is a good change...we bought a house this past year! I love my house and all our space! It's a GREAT change... but with the house comes different bills and a mortgage payment that is a bit higher than our previous rent payment.

3. BABY!!!--the biggest and I think most mindboggling thing to me is that fact that I am PREGNANT...8 years after thinking I was done we are being blessed with another addition to the family. This pregnancy and working the hours that I do is also very hard on me physically. I am still in a sense of HUH?? alot...even with an independently moving belly!

So I've been thinking of goals and things for the upcoming year as I have a fresh slate as it were ahead of here's what I am thinking.

1. Budgeting...we took the Dave Ramsey course at church this past fall and it's given us the tools to use to make sure we are being good stewards of all God is giving we need to apply it and live within a monthly budget...we are getting better but there is still room for improvement.

2. have a good and safe delivery. To adjust and welcome this new little one into our family with no reservations and hopefully everything we need!

3. help Jaron through the adjustment of changing schools next year, to being the best mom I can be to 3 kids not just 2. To balance the emotional needs of each child at each of the developmental levels that they will be at.

4. My continue to be the help that Dan realize that he is a good willed person and I just need to understand that men and women are appreciate all that he does and not focus on the things that I think he isn't doing for love and meet his needs whatever they listen and relate and share what we are feeling together.

5. JOB--To find a new job in the fall or be a stay at home mom...I am most likely going to be leaving my current position in March. I don't feel like it is a good fit for me nor do I feel like they understand where I am coming from and the hours are not good for the family. SO I will take a good chunk of time off to have the baby and adjust to life and then hopefully find a better position for next year.

So that's where I am at this January 1, 2011. It was a good year in many ways in 2010 and yet I have room to grow and develop as 2011 adios 2010...welcome 2011