Thursday, January 20, 2011

What to do??

Okay, here's the deal...what type of carseat should we get for the new baby.

Our options for infants are a Carrier type for early on and the Convertible carseat.

I'm torn really between the two. We did use a carrier for the older two kids and it worked very well until they were like 4 months old, then it was heavy, awkward and a pain and we would go and get a convertible seat.

The convertible seat would work from birth to probably around 3. They are more cost effective but then you have the hassle of needing to carry them around, but since I am thinking about using a wrap or a sling anyway it would probably not be as big a hassle...I could have hands free movement in stores or at church and not be lugging an additional 20 pounds of carseat around with me. Plus we have the big kids to help us carry stuff...and a good stoller would work too.

I could really use some other's opinions about what works for you and your thoughts regarding car seats.

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Katy said...

I like the convertible better, the only exception was with the twins, but even then I hated carting around the carriers.