Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Lazy Saturday

Don't you just love a lazy Saturday? I know I do.

Today has been one of those good type days...

I woke up early but wasn't feeling up to getting up so I lounged in the bedroom and dozed for another couple of hours.

I took a SUPER long shower, with all my girly products and did my best shaving my's getting harder with the baby belly, then enjoyed hanging out in the warm bathroom as I got dressed and took my time with all the other stuff you need to do to keep dry skin at bay during winter.

This afternoon we took a long trip to Walmart and got the grocery shopping and meal planning done for the week...took a long time but that's okay...we had the time.

Tonight I will fold some laundry and get the laundry going again for next's pizza night so we have Take and Bakes and Frozen pizza so dinner is super easy kind of meal!

I also got the kitchen floor mopped and Dan's got some stuff started for a recipe he's going to make tomorrow...all in all a good day!

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