Saturday, January 22, 2011

Love a Good Deal

I got in the mail this week a mailer with coupons for restaurants and the like.

Well, there were coupons for Great Clips and 4.99 haircuts. On the page were 2 coupons! So I planned on us getting haircuts this weekend. This morning Janea and I headed out to get our hair trimmed.

I got a half inch off and Janea got an inch off and her's shaped. She looks a lot better and I feel a lot better about mine.

Total cost plus tip for 2 hairdressers: 13.98! So I saved over 15 dollars!


On a different note, between the coupons we have clipped the last 2 weeks and the sites I have found for coupons online I saved $12 dollars at the grocery store this week! I'm feeling good about it if I can just keep it up!

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