Friday, July 30, 2010

An unTypical Evening

Usually when Dan and I go and watch TV in our room as opposed to the living room it's to get away from the kid programs on Nick or Cartoon Network or the Disney Channel.

Well, tonight, I went into the bedroom and Dan soon followed and guess what we watched? The Disney Channel...and the kids were no where in site...

This is almost as bad as the day I watched the Backyardigans and the kids weren't even home.

On a side note...Wizards of Waverly Place and Phineas and Ferb were both really funny tonight!


* It dawned on me last night as I was putting the kids school supplies up that I posted the picture of them as a Wordless Wednesday post on THURSDAY...I'm all mixed up on days of the week.

*Chocolate ICE CREAM is yummy...a Chocolate SNOW CONE is not so do I know this? Jaron got a chocolate snow cone from Tropical Sno Cones last night and then didn't like it so I traded my Yummy Blue Rasberry for his not so good Chocolate cuz I'm a good mom.

*Last night we had the most perfect weather...not to hot, not to humid, just right....loved it!

*Kiddos are all enrolled in school...only 18 more days till they go back now the big question is...will I or won't I have a position for the Fall...I'm leaning toward will...but I'm not getting any calls so I'm stressed that I won't.

*I'm trying to be a supportive wife to my husband and so I have been making him smoothies before work...I think I may have perfected my recipe!

*Lunch bags are way cuter now than when I was a kid...Janea's lunch bag for fall is this cute purple purse and if I was honest I would say that I really wish it was for me...just saying.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

*Big Sigh*

Okay, maybe I'm missing something but I don't enjoy being a SAHM (stay at home mom). I'm not being critical of SAHM's and don't get me wrong, I enjoy getting time with my family and I love being a teacher where I get summers off but I'm done. I'm tired of staying home all the time and I think I may have Cabin Fever. I've been on a cleaning and organizing kick and my house is better off for it. I've had lots of quality time with the kids but I am so ready for them to go back to school so that they have more structure and less idle time on their hands.

I'm missing going to work. I'm missing the purpose it gives me. I'm feeling frumpy dumpy. I'm not enjoying doing the same things everyday. I'm lacking good motivation. At the start of the summer I was motivated to get my house more undercontrol before the Fall school year. I've done that. I was looking forward to taking a few vacations or trips...done that...

Waiting to be called for a job interview that may or may not happen is excurtiating for me. I'm full of self doubt and am second guessing myself and my qualifications. I'm also getting mad cuz in my eyes I look pretty good to a potential employer and yet they haven't called. I'm also jumping the gun on the pity party since I just applied less than 4 days ago and there is a process on both ends. So I'm still looking for place to apply to and that's a process I don't enjoy.

Tomorrow the kiddos will get re-enrolled for school and the countdown will begin. We will get their school supplies, haircuts and double check wardrobes in preparation for the first day. I'm praying I have a job by then otherwise my days will be extra long waiting for them to come home and having Dan off at work.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Okay, I was checking my email and had a totally bizarre thought today.

Based on the variety of emails both regular and spam I get I am:

  • pregnant
  • suffering from erectile dysfunction
  • dating
  • in need of medical attention
  • depressed
  • needing a bracelet to renew my energy
  • the long lost relative of some dead person who left me a ton of money

I guess its a good thing I'm none of these...I think its ridiculous the types of junk mail one can get.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Hard Part

I'm in the hard part of job hunting.

The waiting...I have sent out multiple applications. I have mailed in a few, submitted a few online. I'm like a little kid...I want to know NOW....I want that call for an interview TODAY!

This is always where I struggle. I know God is in control and He will lead me to the perfect job or give me the lead that I need. I know that if it is His will I will get called for an interview...but I have to wait on His timing. That isn't to say that I sit back and do nothing, no, I pursue leads, I submit applications and do what I need to do but He is the one who will allow the right job for me. I don't know what it is or what the plan is for me...but I know it will happen...when God wills I have to wait.

I just wish it wasn't so HARD.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday Funny

I walked into the bathroom only to discover Janea reading in the bathtub! Had to get pictorial evidence of her actions!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Lazy Day

I'm feeling lazy today.

I don't have a lot of purpose in what I am doing...and though I have a few projects left but they are in areas of the house with little airconditioning and I'm a bit of a wimp so I am putting it off until there is a little break in the's like a 110 in my walk in closet.

I've tackled areas of the house and I am making progress. We are is getting more organized. It's a good thing...but not as time consuming.

I'm job hunting and sent out 2 applications by mail and filled out one online but the selection is limited for what I need and I'm feeling discouraged. Did find out that unemployment is not going to happen at all and that's frustrating and while we are not destitute, I'm budgeting big time to make the money I've saved stretch as long as possible.

Normally at this time in the summer I am planning for the school year in the fall and working hard at getting things ready for my classroom...but I have no classroom so that is not necessary right now...its frustrating.

The kids and I are going to the pool and enjoying the summer but we need to get into a more regular routine. We are LOVING having daddy at home at night and enjoying seeing more of him and it's nice to be more "normal" but at the same time this is an atypical summer and I'm ready for school to start again.

So I guess I'll be lazy today for awhile...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


*a rainy evening.

* my family all home.

* a yummy dinner and ice cream for dessert.

* feeling content.

Me Likey!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Recharging my Batteries

This weekend I got to recharge my batteries a little.

Saturday for lunch I met the gals from my old school and hung out and ate yummy cheeseburgers. It was nice to see them and hang out and talk and catch up. I've been feeling a little bit depressed because of the school closing things and its nice to see people who are in the same boat. Our former co-worker Katy came too and I love getting to hang with my friend and it will be a year until I get to hang out with her again since she is going back to the Phillipines to teach for another year.

Saturday afternoon we dropped the kiddos off at my parents to spend the night! This was a much needed time for me to just hang out with Dan. We headed off to Kansas for dinner and a movie. We ate at Ted's Montana Grill...very good food...and then went and saw the Sorceror's Apprentice. It was a good movie and we enjoyed just hanging out together. Once we got home it was nice to watch TV without constantly being interrupted by the children.

Sunday was weird going to church without the kids but they were with Grandma and Grandpa at their church and we had to leave immediately after church to get out to Kaufman Stadium to see the Royals play. It was FIKE day at the K...they were celebrating with tickets for having 1,000,000 hours worked without injuries or days lost. We had good seats but it was so hot and in full sun that we only stayed for a few innings before leaving. We aren't really baseball people.

I picked the kids up around 5 and we enjoyed the evening with the kids. All in all I needed the break from my kids so that I am a better mom. So I am glad to just have had time to recharge a little.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Making Progress???

Okay, so I have been trying to get my house under control for what 7 months...yeah...7 months. It's been my goal for the year.

Progress is being made and I think I know why everything has started to fall into place this week. Dan isn't SLEEPING all day! Now why would that make a difference? I can tell's an energy I am not getting mystical and saying the energy in the house is's an energy thing with me...I'm tired by the time he used to go to work and so BIG things didn't get done. Plain and's hard to start a project at 3 in the afternoon and finish it in a timely 3 I'm tired and ready to just hang out with the kids, not start a big project.

Dan's on a new schedule at work and we are still adjusting to it and all but I can work on projects that need to be done now earlier in the day. The kids don't have to be quiet and I can get them to help more with tunes playing and without me shushing them all day. Our bedroom is right off the kitchen so they had to be quiet so Dan could get some good sleep. I also was able to work on the rooms that really needed help since I could run the vacuumm as needed and not worry about waking him up.

Here's my accomplishments so far this week:
*caught up on all the laundry!
*cleaned and organized my bedroom
*rearranged my bedroom furniture
* reorganized and fully cleaned our bathroom
*living room more undercontrol
* cleaned the kitchen daily after meals and the like.
*made the bed every day this week!

Okay, little steps I know but I am doing it! It's progress...and I am feeling good about it.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I hate job hunting.

I hate it.

It's tiring, frustrating and Long.

That is all

It's Hot's hot today!

I went out to pick up Dan's contact lenses at the Optometrist and I'm glad to come home to the air-conditioning.

I just checked the weather site and it's only 88 degrees but the heat index is at 101. It's only going to get hotter today.

Heavy humidity makes for some super hot days.

I'm thinking we need to go to the pool this afternoon.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We have a mini pumpkin patch growing right outside our door. We planted wildflowers and were surprised when the rotten pumpkins from the fall went to seed and sprouted all on their own. We are monitoring the progress of these and will see what happens! It's the most unexpected and pleasant surprise!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Burr Oak Woods

We spent Sunday afternoon hiking around Burr Oak Woods. Some snapshots of our hike!

..such a Beautiful Day!

Huff, grunt, push, pull

I just sat down for the first time in 5 hours.

With Dan working the day shift now we had to do some room rearranging. Yesterday, he was supposed to help me with the process. However, we changed our plans and went out to enjoy the beautiful summer weather and had a lovely adventure in the process...I'll post pictures later. It was probably a good thing too since we were trying to keep Dan from napping at all yesterday and a fun activity keeps him more engaged and is was the weekend and we like to have fun on the weekends.

Well, we had a small mishap at 12:45 this morning involving myself, Dan and a glass of water. Our bed had been pushed into a corner so it was only accessible from one side. So the person sleeping closest to the wall (Dan) has to climb over the other sleeping member (me) in order to get in and out of bed. Well, he needed to get up and in the process of climbing over me and try to let me stay asleep he kicked over my glass of water on the bedside table...not okay. That means the bed has to be moved since we are sleeping the same hours again.

Our Room was MESSY...big time messy. Messy and full of baskets of clean clothes, clothes that don't fit, laundry that needs to be put away, and just stuff that needs to be elsewhere but has piled up and is a MESS. With working opposite shifts for so long it's easy to just lay stuff down and forget about it or to justify being tired and not taking care of it. Well, no more. I cleaned, I organized I filled 2 bags FULL of giveaway clothing. I put stuff away. I threw stuff away. I then moved the bed from the corner into a position against one wall and now we can both easily get in and out of bed again. YEAH!

That was a BIG JOB. But I did it... I persevered and I am very pleased with the results of my actions. Now to keep it clean so I don't have to do it again!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

And it was Good

We had dinner tonight at the clean kitchen table.

We ate hamburgers and Cheeseburgers.

They were yummy!

The kids helped clear the table.

The dishwasher is running.

We are enjoying family time.

Life is good

Friday, July 9, 2010

Chaos No More

I spent the morning cleaning up the dining room and organizing the mess that had accumulated over the last few months. With Dan going back to day shift I feel its important for us to start eating as a family again.
So it had to be done: here it is BEFORE
Here it is AFTER

I think it looks so much better.

Sleep or the Lack There of

I'm struggling with sleeping.

I'm not doing anything really different. I just can't sleep.

I go to bed about the same time everynight and instead of being able to fall asleep I can't sleep. I can't get comfortable, I'm hot, I'm's just a mess. Once I FINALLY fall asleep Dan gets home from work and I wake up again...I've ended the last few nights on the couch trying to get just a few more Zzzz's.

Usually I can't sleep because I have things on my mind and that isn't the case right now. I'm tired too when I go to bed and I just can't sleep.

I've got to get this figured out...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Yesterday vs. Today

Yesterday I was overwhelmed and I am feeling decent and thankful.

Yesterday I was in a pity party I am grateful for all the God has given me.

Yesterday I needed to I am going to laugh!

Yesterday I was struggling with my I am prepared with a list!

Yesterday is in the past....Today is the present!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I'm overwhelmed today.

I'm feeling frustrated and sad.

I'm ANGRY and hurt and irritated and dissappointed and I feel like a human pinball machine with my emotions bouncing all over the place.

The reality of planning for the upcoming school year is feeling daunting right now. I'm an educator and there really aren't any jobs in education right now. School districts are not hiring and the positions available are being pursued by multiple candidates. My school is being closed, not because we wanted it to close but because others don't want the "hassle" of sharing space with us. They feel we "hinder" their ministries and therefore we must go...not viewing what we do as a vital ministry. At the same time, we just didn't have enough time to find a space of our own and so now I am looking for work again. It seems like every 2 years I'm on the job hunt again.

I'm also feeling frustrated with things at home. My messiness is not easily conquered. I have BAD habits and I struggle with fixing them right now. I also am struggling with responding properly to what I feel is misplaced criticism from people in my life. I know it's bad, and I am trying to rectify it and I do better with PRAISE rather than critique. I feel like the good is not focused on only the remainder that needs to be done. I can't fix this overnight and I am trying and working at it but its hard for me...really hard. I'm not a natural Stay at Home Mom...I'm not. I'm easily distracted and unfocused...I need lists and charts and yet I am overwhelmed by the length of them...I need a MAID....yeah that would fix it wouldn't...I need to get into better habits. I need to train my children better's a team effort not just a Me effort, but getting them to work is a challenge.

Well, I'm off to clean my Bedroom...I have to get it better so that Dan and I can rearrange our furniture when he goes on day shift next week.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Post Vacation Blah..

I have things that need to be done.

I have the time to do them

What I am lacking is Motivation.

We've been home since LATE Thursday evening and I haven't really accomplished a lot.

Goal for me for before Bed...finish laundry and clean up dining room.

I will do it...I can do it...I must do it...!


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Friday, July 2, 2010

Riding the Ducks

Our First Day of Vacation started off with us Riding the Ducks!We took the 4:00 tour!Jaron looks like a duck! We all had Quackers!
The view on the way to the Lake!Janea's Quacking UP!

We circled this island while on the water

The captain took a break so Jaron got to drive!
Isn't he a Handsome little captain!

Jaron came back so some one else got a turn!
The view on the water
Janea got her turn in the Drivers Seat!
Looking Good Captain Jonathan!
The view was magnificent!
We visited the Fish HatcheryThe view of the Dam! Such a feat of engineering!
We had a great time!