Friday, July 30, 2010


* It dawned on me last night as I was putting the kids school supplies up that I posted the picture of them as a Wordless Wednesday post on THURSDAY...I'm all mixed up on days of the week.

*Chocolate ICE CREAM is yummy...a Chocolate SNOW CONE is not so do I know this? Jaron got a chocolate snow cone from Tropical Sno Cones last night and then didn't like it so I traded my Yummy Blue Rasberry for his not so good Chocolate cuz I'm a good mom.

*Last night we had the most perfect weather...not to hot, not to humid, just right....loved it!

*Kiddos are all enrolled in school...only 18 more days till they go back now the big question is...will I or won't I have a position for the Fall...I'm leaning toward will...but I'm not getting any calls so I'm stressed that I won't.

*I'm trying to be a supportive wife to my husband and so I have been making him smoothies before work...I think I may have perfected my recipe!

*Lunch bags are way cuter now than when I was a kid...Janea's lunch bag for fall is this cute purple purse and if I was honest I would say that I really wish it was for me...just saying.

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