Friday, July 16, 2010

Making Progress???

Okay, so I have been trying to get my house under control for what 7 months...yeah...7 months. It's been my goal for the year.

Progress is being made and I think I know why everything has started to fall into place this week. Dan isn't SLEEPING all day! Now why would that make a difference? I can tell's an energy I am not getting mystical and saying the energy in the house is's an energy thing with me...I'm tired by the time he used to go to work and so BIG things didn't get done. Plain and's hard to start a project at 3 in the afternoon and finish it in a timely 3 I'm tired and ready to just hang out with the kids, not start a big project.

Dan's on a new schedule at work and we are still adjusting to it and all but I can work on projects that need to be done now earlier in the day. The kids don't have to be quiet and I can get them to help more with tunes playing and without me shushing them all day. Our bedroom is right off the kitchen so they had to be quiet so Dan could get some good sleep. I also was able to work on the rooms that really needed help since I could run the vacuumm as needed and not worry about waking him up.

Here's my accomplishments so far this week:
*caught up on all the laundry!
*cleaned and organized my bedroom
*rearranged my bedroom furniture
* reorganized and fully cleaned our bathroom
*living room more undercontrol
* cleaned the kitchen daily after meals and the like.
*made the bed every day this week!

Okay, little steps I know but I am doing it! It's progress...and I am feeling good about it.

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Janae said...

Kudos to you for whipping your house into shape! I am excited to see all that you have accomplished thus far. You have definitely motivated me to do likewise. Don't forget to take before/after pics. :) I always get such a "rush" from organizing stuff.