Monday, July 12, 2010

Huff, grunt, push, pull

I just sat down for the first time in 5 hours.

With Dan working the day shift now we had to do some room rearranging. Yesterday, he was supposed to help me with the process. However, we changed our plans and went out to enjoy the beautiful summer weather and had a lovely adventure in the process...I'll post pictures later. It was probably a good thing too since we were trying to keep Dan from napping at all yesterday and a fun activity keeps him more engaged and is was the weekend and we like to have fun on the weekends.

Well, we had a small mishap at 12:45 this morning involving myself, Dan and a glass of water. Our bed had been pushed into a corner so it was only accessible from one side. So the person sleeping closest to the wall (Dan) has to climb over the other sleeping member (me) in order to get in and out of bed. Well, he needed to get up and in the process of climbing over me and try to let me stay asleep he kicked over my glass of water on the bedside table...not okay. That means the bed has to be moved since we are sleeping the same hours again.

Our Room was MESSY...big time messy. Messy and full of baskets of clean clothes, clothes that don't fit, laundry that needs to be put away, and just stuff that needs to be elsewhere but has piled up and is a MESS. With working opposite shifts for so long it's easy to just lay stuff down and forget about it or to justify being tired and not taking care of it. Well, no more. I cleaned, I organized I filled 2 bags FULL of giveaway clothing. I put stuff away. I threw stuff away. I then moved the bed from the corner into a position against one wall and now we can both easily get in and out of bed again. YEAH!

That was a BIG JOB. But I did it... I persevered and I am very pleased with the results of my actions. Now to keep it clean so I don't have to do it again!

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