Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I know I am two days late but I still want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

I am pleased to say that while it wasn't my favorite Christmas it was a good Christmas. My kids are happy and healthy and over the moon excited about the presents they received. I got to spend the morning with my Mom and Dad and Sister before they left for California to visit the rest of the family( If you are reading this--I say HI!) My parents are so awesome and got me a really nice digital camera so now I can post pictures easier to my blog! YEAH!!! I still haven't figured out how to get it hooked up to my computer at home so I'll post pictures soon!

Christmas Eve service was great too. The kids liked the story I read--The Legend of the Candy Cane and all in all it was a great way to refocus on the true reason for the season.

Praise God for his most Wonderful gift--the Lord Jesus Christ! Wise Men still seek him!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cookie Mania

So today I made 3 dozen sugar cookies which the kiddos iced for me! 2 dozen Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookies, and the dough for my favorite cookie--old fashioned Pepperkocker--an old family recipe which makes Christmas Christmas for me. I still need to roll out the pepperkocker but I am tired and stressed out because me lovely husband has a cold and is a little whiny today! So I think that I will finish making those cookies tomorrow!

On a plus note--my folks watched the kiddos' last night and Dan and I were able to go see the new National Treasure Movie! It was good, and I so needed a night to just be a wife and not mom! So a big shout out to my mom and dad for watching Janea and Jaron for me. So I got a night out with my honey even if he wasn't feeling great!

So it's been a busy day and week and I am kinda looking forward to Christmas...I am looking forward to it but things are really awkward right now with Dan and his family and so that is kinda zapping my Christmas spirit! All in all I am ready for the holidays to be over and kinda sad that I am not as excited as I usually am!

It's a rainy day!

I want to hibernate but I need to bake! AUGHH Choices, do I be a sloth, or an Ant? I don't know which to be right now...maybe I'll be both!

I'll bake and then take a nap!

Whew...I was worried for a moment!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Last Day of School for 1st Semester

It's the last day of school with kids for the year! YEAH!!! I need a break...time off! Peace and Quiet...but with four kids in the house I don't think that will be happening. Dan and I are going to be looking for someplace new to live starting when I am on break. It isn't working all of us living in one house. Sharon wants us to do all the work and yet not have any impact of the kids that she feels is inappropriate. So we are unable to discipline them, if they don't like our rules they don't have to follow them, and we need to coddle them and give them everything they want. Well, we don't parent like that, her kids are brats because of the way she has raised them and we will not be treated like we are the household servants. All in all I think it will be a much better situation for our family. So pray that we can find a house, or apartment or something. And soon.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Program Pictures

Janea sure looks cute as a Christmas Tree!

Jaron actually got up with his class for the program!
Here I am!
Grandma and Grandpa came to see the kids perform! They did a great job!

I'm so tired today...

I wish I could go home and sleep for a year. I think I have caught another virus. I think that since I am more stressed this year at home I am getting sick more often! I don't like it at all! I hate being sick! So I am on Dayquil during the day and Nyquil at night.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Crazy Class...

My class is driving me crazy today! We have 3 days, counting today until Christmas Vacation and oh my goodness....they are wound up! I am working on finishing up final assessments for reading and math and they are ready to have 2 weeks off. SO on Wednesday we will party and today we are presenting for Science and tomorrow will be nuts! So if I go gray before Wednesday we will know why! Also...I need to find last quarters grades but I can't find the file folder! AUUGHH!!! I thought I was more organized this year but this isn't good!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I'm cold right now Mom!

It's Snowing! Jaron and Janea have been playing in the snow and enjoying themselves a lot. However, they also play out side for like 5 minutes then come back in to tell me that they are cold. Well, kids, when it's cold outside and you are playing in cold snow you get cold! Oh my!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's Raining...It's Pouring...It's a Snow Day!

Yeehaw! Our first official snow day of the year!! Can you tell that I am not at all dissappointed that we don't have school today? Well, it isn't actually snowing either...we are having an ice storm! Freezing Rain and cold temperatures! (YUCK!) Not that I mind though since I got to sleep in this morning!
I was really concerned for Dan last night as he was going to be driving home in the wintry yuck. Fortunately, he got home safe and sound PTL! So he walks in and says that he put sand on our deck and leading to the garage so I would be safe! Then I told him that school was already cancelled for the day! HA! All that work for nothing! He's so sweet. So then he gives me this book he had bought...a series that I have been reading but it was book 7 and I don't have 5 and 6! Poor guy...2 sweet gestures that fell short of his intentions! Good news for me....I get to order the 2 books I am missing! YEAH!!! I love new books!
So only 6 more school days with kids before Christmas and 2 inservice days! That is if we have school tomorrow!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Need Some Ideas...

So my pastor asked me on Wednesday night if I would be willing to read a children's book for the Christmas Eve service this year! I said yes I would love to and so now I need to find a good book. I know of several, have one that I would consider but I am looking for a few good ideas of a book that is a Christmas story but also gives the gospel message and the true meaning of Christmas. I would also like for it not to be just reading the Christmas Story since Pastor is already doing any ideas????

Friday, November 30, 2007

Musings on my life...

So I was thinking this week as I have been rushing through this week and I have come up with some blessings!

Blessing 1:
I have a terrific class--6 kids who are eager to learn and understand and enjoy me and my methods:)

Blessing 2:
2 great kiddos--Janea and Jaron are a blessing--even if occasionally I am ready to send them back!

Blessing 3:
A fabulous husband who works long hours to provide for our family!

Blessing 4;
A free country and a democratic government where we have rights!

Blessing 5:
Heat in the house, a soft bed to sleep in and a car to drive!

Blessing 6:
A great church where I can serve, learn more about the Word and know that there are people who love me and think of me and pray for my needs:)

Blessing 7:
A loving Savior and God. Assurance that I am going to heaven and that God will never give me more than I can handle!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

We are SPARKS for Jesus....

Sparks to light the world....One of my favorite Sparky songs! I am the director for Sparks at our church and I have a good group of college students this year who are helping out with the Sparks program...and boy can I feel old sometimes! One of the leaders...I won't mention names.. was wearing those shoes with the wheels in it and rolling around the church on Wednesday like he was 12 not 20! They are good young people and I really do enjoy being their mentor. It's funny how they make me feel both old and young..

So I may have stuck my foot in my mouth by saying that I can chug a can of soda. I used to be able to but it has been about 6 years since I have attempted it! They want to see me do it, but I have made the stipulation that I will only do that if the can is warm! Cold soda makes me choke.

I had to do evals for all of them for their college credit and boy was it a challenge. I tried to be fair but not overly praiseworthy. one of the guys really didn't think that he needed improvement in any areas but once I explained why he was very cool with it. All in all I am so thankful for being blessed with great leaders.!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Is there something different Mrs. J?

So I went and got my hair cut on Saturday...well today Stephen, one of my fourth graders, asks me this question....Mrs. Jonathan did you get a hair cut? Your hair looks different!

I find it very funny that it takes him 3 days to realize that something different has been done for the teacher!

I can't believe it's already Wednesday!

The week is flying by! I am in shock that tonight is Wednesday and feels like it should be Monday still! I am looking forward to Sparks tonight and hope the kids had a good break and bring lots of friends.:)

So this week at school so far I have had a field trip to the Truman Museum in Independence. The School had our election yesterday and we announced the results today..the students are working on completing our space unit. We have started a new program for spelling, and are getting ready for the school Winter program.

At home, I had help from the kids putting up the Christmas tree, having to make a trip to Wal-Mart to buy more decorations and lights since 3 strands were burned out and we didn't yet have this years ornaments! Plus, Dan has been putting in 12 hour days at work so I am sleeping a little bit more but I am very tired! I didn't get home until almost 7 last night since we had staff meeting at school.

I only have 3 more weeks of school and then we have 2 weeks off:) I can't wait~!

Too Busy....

So my kids have been singing this song all week..."Too Busy, Too Busy, Are you to busy for Jesus? Too Busy, too busy are you to busy for Jesus to live in your heart?"

This has really made me start thinking about life and am I too busy?

Give me your thoughts? Are you too busy? I know I sometimes push God to the side and focus on less important things!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving???

So it's over and done...first time we have celebrated with Dan's family. The last four years we have had Thanksgiving as a family and I then go to my parents house with the kids and we have pie! YUMMY!! So this year since Sharon, the girls and us have all become 1 big happy(sarcasm is dripping right now) we decided that we would have dinner at the house with Manuel and Laverne. My parents thought they would go to my sister's since she is always complaining about not getting any visitors and always having to drive!

Well, I did ALL the cooking with the exception of the sweet potatoes and an apple pie. Check that, Sharon did peel 2 potatoes! So I am rushing around in the kitchen as Dan opens up olives, and relishes and crackers and cheese at the table--which I hadn't yet set! So they are all having a nice time at the table the three girls-Amber, Janea, Morgan,- Sharon, Laverne-Manuel decided he wasn't coming! I'm starting to feel frustrated at the amount of work that I am doing...Janea sets the table and then Dan started rushing me. He carves the turkey and Morgan and Sharon start eating turkey before the rest of the food is on the table and I haven't even sat down! I was a little taken aback at how rude that is.! So we finally get all the food cooked and begin talk about what we are thankful for, no thanking of God for stuff...we wouldn't have even said a blessing for the food if I hadn't reminded Dan!

Then I am resting after having cleaned up about half the kitchen...I was waiting for one cycle on the dishwasher to finish and Dan come hollering...Erin I need some help...the sink is leaking in the basement! Turns out the pipe fittings under the kitchen sink totally need to be replaced! SO Dan tries to go out last night and find the right parts but of course all the hardware stores are closed! So today's project---fix kitchen sink better than the temporary fix from last night!

I wanted to bake cookies today...but with no sink that really isn't completely doable! Oh well! So I hope that you all had a most blessed Thanksgiving and were able to focus on the blessings of God! I spent about an hour with God last night and refocused my heart around the blessings he provides rather than just the fiasco of a Thanksgiving yesterday!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Craziness, Cell Phones and Long Breaks

So life is crazy at home right now. I am dealing with the nieces and am struggling with knowing what to do to get them to understand that I am there to help and I want to be their friend and that it bothers me when they spend all their time on the weekends at Laverne's house. Why is Laverne so much better than me? I can't let it bother me though!

So this week we are having Thanksgiving dinner at our house. I am in charge of cooking the turkey, mashed potatoes, vegetable, stuffing and gravy--which I stink at making! I am also doing corn bread, cranberries, and the like. Laverne is helping with dessert and making the sweet potatoes. I like to do Thanksgiving up with good dishes, placemats, decorations and Sharon's response to this is " Lets get paper plates with Turkeys on them!" Ah , no! So I have to bring up their level of holidays and try to keep them from ruining mine!

I finally broke down and got a cell phone. I am still not used to carrying it and one on my friends from work called this morning to tell me she was sick and could I do something for her at school...No Problem! So I am taking Jaron to the bathroom at the gas station and all of a sudden I hear this cell phone...I look around and there is no one in the bathroom but us! Then my pocket starts vibrating! Well, it's my phone! And somehow during our conversation I turn it down so I can barely hear! Me and cell phones may not be the best combination!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Long Weekend

So I only have 2 more days of school before a five day off break! YEAH!!! I am so glad that I get an extended break from school. It makes me happy to have some time off since I have been working so hard lately. I will be glad when Christmas break is hear as well! It's been a good school year so far but I am feeling a little bit burned out by all the work.

Teachers need the time off...teachers who are mom's need it more! I have very little time away from kids! So next week I am taking a day and getting my hair cut and having some me time! I need it!

On a good note...Dan also gets extended days off! So I get to spend some extra time with my husband!

Friday, November 16, 2007

I Love and Hate Technology

So I love technology because I meet great people through blogging, my banking is easier, and I have electricity!

I hate technology because last night I tried to delete 7 shows off our DVR and I deleted all of them but 2! Mind you I had 80 some hours taped.! So I lost about all of what I was planning on watching last night!

So I read a good book:0)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Where does a week go?

Why is it that some weeks can fly by and some weeks can drag week this week is flying away from me! I also can't believe that Thanksgiving is next week, I haven't shopped yet, and we are having 9 people here for the holiday! I think I should be having a panic attack! AUUGHH!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Why is it that when you have had a decent day your kids go nuts when you get home from work?

Why is it that Janea always spills something that stains on her clothes?

Why is it that little kids can't decide why they are unhappy or mad but they can drive you crazy as they do it?

Why is it that the relatives from Dan's side of the family can sit and talk about the same things over and over and over and it never changes?

Why you may ask am I asking these questions? Well, it's either ask the questions or bang my head against the wall for an hour! Either way neither brings me any answers!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Wow! What some sleep and drugs can do for a person

So I have been on this antibotic for 4 doses and WOW! do I feel better! Praise God for medicine! I don't think I could have handled being sick much longer. I took Monday and Tuesday off work and slept for like 5 hours Tuesday the house went to pot but I feel a whole lot better!

This week has been too busy. I don't like having a sub at work because the rest of the week all I feel like I have been doing is playing catch up! On a side note...I did get caught up with with a lot of the shows that I DVR~but work has definitely suffered! So I am really glad that tomorrow is Friday and that the weekend is upon us! Teaching takes a lot of time and when your sick it just seems to pile up more and more!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Pride Comes before....

YOU GET SICK!!! Now, mind you I haven't been really sick in about 5 years. I get an occasional cold, a few aches and pains but nothing that I feel I need to go to the doctor for or that it is really bad. Well, all my bragging has finally caught up with me! I have been sick for the past week, super sick, fever, everything. I have felt terrible! So I made it to the doctor yesterday and low and behold I have a sinus infection, bronchitis and a touch of tonsilitis! YUCK! SO I am on an antibotic now and hopefully will start feeling better. My parents have been so helpful. They took the kids to church with them on Sunday and kept them for the whole afternoon and then Mom picked them up from school for me yesterday. Its such a blessing to have the help!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Jaron is getting so big

Jaron and his teacher Ms. Kim
Jaron loves to read books
Jaron reading in the book area
Jaron and the Goat at the Pumpkin Patch
Jaron and all his friends at Deanna Rose Farmstead

I'm having conflicting feelings regarding my son. He has always been behind his class mates and other children his age. I am aware and working on helping him with this. He is changing and growing up quickly and it's exciting to see. He turned 5 this weekend and it occured to me that he really isn't a baby anymore...and I am feeling a little bit sad.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Well, it happened again...

I had another weekend of biting my tongue and feeling frustrated. Laverne had both Amber and Morgan for the whole weekend. Did she once offer to take Janea and Jaron for a few hours? Did she let me know when they would return? No to both.

Sharon slept all weekend. Can anyone think of nice way that I can tell a 46 year old person who is old enough to be my older sister or possibly my mother that they need to take a shower and use deodorant? The smell is so overpowering at times that I am literally gagging when she walks by. That is not healthy.

So that is my frustration with the whole family situation.. I could use the prayers. Both for my attitude and for the relatives to consider others once in a while.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Family Stress

It's Thursday and I'm tired. And I am a little bit upset by how inconsiderate Dan's family is to things that involve me. Here's one reason why...yesterday Laverne (Dan's Aunt, his Mom's twin sister) her husband Manuel, Manuel's brother Ismael and Ishmael's wife Christina all show up at my house at 5:15 pm. Now normally this wouldn't be a problem but I was in the middle of cooking dinner and I was also trying to get 3-4 kids ready for AWANA. I received no phone call, no advance warning whatsoever and then they all trooped into the house and made themselves at home. Now mind you they came to meet Sharon, all well and good, but the house was a mess, I work 8-9 hours a day and church is a priority for me. No consideration for the amount of stress just popping into my home causes.

Other reasons why I am a little upset, Laverne will come over and take out Amber and Morgan or bring them things that she has bought for them. About 1 in 6 times she brings stuff for my kids. She never offers to take out my kids. She cleans Sharon's room for Sharon...Sharon mind you is 46 years old. Also she will only wash Morgan's clothes...taking my wet stuff out of the washer and throwing it into a laundry basket until she is done then putting my stuff in the dryer. It's frustrating how Morgan, Sharon, Amber centric she is and the way she never offers to take out my kids or spend time with them. She also then wonders why my kids don't readily want to see her and or be with her when she is at our house.

Sharon does nothing around the house but she gets a break from the kids pretty much every weekend. Though I feel sorry for her since her children would rather be away from her than with her. All in all I am tired today, could use a few extra prayers and would like to just make the situation fix itself.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Family Fun Pictures

We took the Kids to Powell Gardens the weekend of September 15-16. This also was the weekend that Jaron ended up in the ER for two hours and we had major drama on Sunday. The little girl Eden is a schoolmate of Janea's who was visiting for the day! Inside where it was nice and warm! It was a cold weekend!

Eden trying to be a dinosaur and Janea stealing the shot!
Take our's more interested in the map!
Aww...aren't we sweet together!
The kids as we start our adventure!

Powell Gardens had a dinosaurs throughout the landscape!
Jaron and Daddy! Jaron really wasn't feeling good and wanted to be carried! Lucky for him Daddy is strong!
Look a Dinosaur!
Dan and our niece Amber!
Erin can't read the sign very well! Amber and Janea are being goofy--all you can see is Janea's fingers!

Look Daddy!
More Dinos

Amber's having a good time!
Look out for the dinosaur Dan!
Powell Gardens--a great family outing spot
A tree house at Powell Gardens

Erin on a lazy Sunday afternoon
Janea is such a diva!
Jaron and Janea helped Daddy plant a new pear tree in the backyard
Jaron watering the Pear tree as sister looks on!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Creek Pics and Fun

Last Friday we took a field trip and rode a Train to look for Monarchs! After the train ride I took my class to my house to have a cookout and then we explored the creek that runs behind our house! We caught quite a few little critters! Mrs. Jonathan helping a student onto the train's caboose

My class and the lovely snake they caught!
We have no fear!
See Mrs. Jonathan! Isn't it cool?
Mrs. Jonathan and Eden by the Creek picking up something!~
Wade in the Water!
Makyla enjoying the cool water!
Hurry Mrs. Jonathan, we're hungry! HOT DOGS! YUMM!

Mrs. Miner, What did I catch?
Mrs. Miner and Makyla were braver than me!

Having fun in the creek!
Did ya catch anything?

Friday, September 21, 2007

School Pictures

Here's some cute photos of my kiddos at school! Jaron tuckered out and napping
Janea is disecting a cricket!

See, I have to wear my protective gear!

Janea and Eden Catching butterflies

Aren't we having fun!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A better evening

So last night after work we had our every Monday night staff meeting. No big deal, good meeting, productive, and off I go home. I get home and Morgan immediately starts asking to use the computer, except I haven't even put my stuff down yet. So I get Janea to help her down stairs, and find out who is eating dinner. Morgan tells me she isn't hungry so I think fine. As I am cooking Dan gets home and then Morgan tells me she wants to eat...I did make extra since she is so wishy-washy. We had a nice family dinner. I hope that the drama is over for awhile. Sharon seems to have retreated to her room...fine with me.