Thursday, January 6, 2011

Quality Time

Dan and I don't get a ton of quality alone time...and even now when we are alone there is technically a child with us! Well, last night we got to enjoy an evening meal alone without the was nice! Plus we had a date night on Sunday so we are enjoying getting to hang out together more!

I got off work yesterday at 6:26 and proceed to call home like a do every day. Wednesday's are AWANA night and our Financial Peace class is now over so we don't have anything to do while the kiddos are at AWANA. So I told Dan tht I was starving and we should go get a bite to eat after he drops the kids off..and we did. Nothing fancy...Taco Bueno...but good food and the ability to talk through our day and enjoy each other's company without the kids.

After eating he dropped me back off at church(where I left my car) and I hung out and chatted with friends until AWANA was over...and we were home by 8:35! Worked out great! Eating a meal where I wasn't rushed recharged my batteries a little bit too! I slept like a log last night!

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