Saturday, January 29, 2011

Having A Plan

The last few weeks I have been couponing and while I LOVE saving money I get overwhelmed in the store and struggle with figuring out what I need to buy.

Well, this week I will attempt to grocery shop without getting overwhelmed.

I organized the pantry and list by thing I know that we need.

I listed on my grocery list all the items and the quantity of each one and brand that I need to redeem my coupon.

I also have a good idea of how much I will save before going if I use all my coupons.

Once we get to the store Janea and I will tackle the shopping and Dan and Jaron will get the non perishables and some other non couponing stuff we need...Janea is in charge of the calculator and keeping track of our spending. If all goes to plan we should be well under budget.!

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