Friday, January 14, 2011

5 things

1. So glad that the kids had school for 2 days this week! I think they could have gone on Wednesday but I'm not in charge. I stayed home Monday, Dan Tuesday and we had a babysitter for Wednesday....I'm glad life is getting more back to normal.

2. Budgeting is HARD. I really want to not take my lunch to work today and just go out for lunch but I've already used my "mad money" for the week so that is not an option. So I will take some leftovers and deal with it but I'm not really happy about it.

3. It's COLD...I'm looking forward to warmer weather and SPRING!

4. 26 weeks and counting....I've got roughly 14 weeks to go if I go to term and I am so Ready for them to fly J is getting much more active and sometimes he kicks so hard it really really HURTS!

5. It's FRIDAY!!!! I'm so glad that it's FRIDAY!!!! I'm looking forward to staying home tomorrow and relaxing and getting the house back into a better shape!

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