Monday, August 8, 2011

New Things

Baby J is officially out of the "Slug Phase" that what we call the time when baby doesn't do a whole lot, but eat, sleep and poop!  We have progressed from this.

He started with smiles. He is very good at smiling.  He has been doing this for about 9 weeks...and we like it!  But now are smiles are bigger and better for people he really Daddy, Mommy and my siblings.

Baby J can reach and grab things...mostly things like hair but now he can get the toys that are in front of him and get them to our mouth.  If laid on a blanket he tries to get the toys that are in front of him! He also enjoys standing in the exersaucer we are borrowing from a friend and reaching and manipulating the toys there!  All toys will eventually end up in the mouth!

Jayden is also now rolling over!  Much to mama's chagrin since he rolls over in the middle of the night!  This scares and wakes him up! He can rolls easily from tummy to back, back to side and occasionally from side to tummy!  We are very proud of him.

Scooting is a challenge but we are trying really really hard to master this!  He really wants to be able to keep up with the big kids and I know once he starts moving forward there will be no stopping this little guy!

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