Sunday, December 5, 2010

Over Already???

Is the weekend already over?

Weekends are never long enough...especially when they are full and busy!

I had Christmas Cantata practice in the morning.

We ordered pizza for lunch...Papa Johns...super yummy!

I took a it!

We got ready to go run some errands...we went to the bank and things...and then decided that we should go see the lights at Christmas in the Park at Longview pretty, so fun...such a long wait! Usually when we go the wait isn't too bad, this year it was longer than usual or just seemed longer since I needed to go the bathroom about halfway through...having a little person jumping on your bladder like a trampoline makes for terrible bathroom pains! So on the way out we stopped at CVS! So I could go potty!

Played Monopoly Streets as a family!

Church I love worshipping with my church family

Lunch: Taco yummy

Shopping with Janea: Got her a few new tops and a pair of pants, some girl stuff and a present for a family member!

Resting for a while!

Grocery Shopping...Walmart was insane!

So tonight I will take it easy and relax and prepare for the week ahead!

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