Monday, December 13, 2010

The Little Things

The little things make me happy!

Dan got my garage door opener programmed last night...poor guy was in the freezing cold garage with just a little space heater perched on a stepstool and when he finally got it to work the heater and the garage door opener on at the same time caused the fuse to blow! So he was then cold, with the door slightly up, on a stool in the dark! Poor thing...we got the lights back on and it WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning, my work pants were still in the dryer...I had washed them last night but ran out of time to get them in the dryer...and Jaron needed to go to school so I took him in my jammies...and I didn't get out of the car once! It was so nice!

Thank you Dan for fixing the door! I love you!

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