Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What a Day!

Thunder was crashing and rumbling last night.

Alarm clocks were blaring and radioing early.

Husband is going in early to get some much needed studying done so he's moving around earlier than normal.

Me...I'm trying to sleep and it's not I am/was tired this morning.

I get the kiddos off to school and misplace part of Jaron's lunchbox and find it as he needs to be walking out the door to the bus...stressful times.

I'm trying to get things in place for the sitter and make sure the new schedule we are implementing is clear.

I almost leave late for work...forgetting to pack myself a lunch in the process...I figure I will buy lunch today, and off I go.

Halfway to work I realize that I have Jaron's car seat in my car and Daddy is taking him to Karate tonight.

I decide that I will run home on my lunch break...if I remember.

Work is crazy and lots of people are gone and so I have to cover a class that I'm not familiar with and I go to lunch a little late.

Stop at Chipotle on my me heartburn and isn't the greatest for feeling sick to the stomach. Probably shouldn't have eaten while driving.

No specials teachers this afternoon...really not good for bathroom breaks.

Last kid isn't picked up till 6:25 and so I can't leave work till 6:30.

Mix up with Karate, go and pick up Janea, chicken out from walking in to take pictures, head home to eat.

Eating pizza for dinner...makes me sick to my stomach.

Still have to do laundry...Dan's out of pants...feeling tired, looking forward to rest.

Thankful homework is done, the boys are getting home and I can sleep soon.

Oh to start it all over again thankful that it is not going to rain tonight!

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