Friday, August 27, 2010


Sorry it's been busy around here and I am adjusting to a new schedule so I'm behind on blogging.

1. I got a job! Praise God! I am working at a childcare center as the lead teacher for the older 3s and younger 4s. I've been training all week.

2. My new hours are 9;30-6:30. Makes for a long day. Especially since I get up with the family and see everyone off. I do have a good hour of alone time where I have time to tidy up the house, get things ready for dinner and pack my lunch. I'm glad for this since I'm really tired when I get home at night.

3. We now have an afternoon child care person. The kids get to hang out for an hour and half with a babysitter and it seems to be working out well...only 3 days in but it's nice to not worry about.

4. the kiddos are doing good in school. They seem to like it and are learning the new routines well. We still need to work on the homework schedule but that won't be a big problem...Janea's got harder homework this year and is learning that she needs to allow more time.

5. Dan's doing well on Days and we're pretty much adjusted to being on the same schedule. We also have pretty much figured out sleeping again in the same bed so we are sleeping better.

Well that's a little that is going on...will update more I adjust more to our new hours.

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