Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Hey sorry that I have been off line for awhile but we have been a little bit busy recently. Here's the rundown of the busyness that is our lives:

1. We bought a HOUSE!!!! Wahoo! Upon finding out we were pregnant we decided that we would need more space with the baby coming and after much praying and seeking decided to try for a mortgage...and WOW! God provided! We qualified and started the house hunting process...we found a house that we like for a great price and then we were in a bidding war for it...not our cup of tea so I just happened to go online that night and found the house that we are in now...made arrangements with our realtor and fell in love with this house. We made an offer, were accepted and now we are working on moving in....the mortgage process and closing took a toll on me but that's now in the past and life is moving on.

2. Pregnancy Update...I am now 16 and a half weeks along. The heartrate for the baby is 158-162...and nice and steady. I'm starting to show and have had a few people who don't know me ask if I am pregnant. I'll start posting bump shots soon...clothed belly isn't attractive! I go for my sonogram and hopefully get to find out the gender of the baby on December 3rd...the votes for gender are as follows: Erin and Janea want a girl, Dan wants a boy and Jaron wants a baby! I think Jaron will be happy no matter what! It's definitely a baby! I'm feeling much better and getting some energy sciattica is bothering me alot and I'm in pain in my hips but hopefully that will pass or I will find ways to deal with it.

3. The job....its a job still...I just transitioned into a new class....and boy are they YOUNG! I now have a lot of 3 year olds and they are such babies...its challenging and fun too...I have a good group of kiddos. The hours are still a pain but I am adjusting to them and its fortunate that I go in late since I now drive Jaron to school in the mornings.

Well, that's a little of what is going on...I'll post pics of the house soon! We are blessed and thankful for all that is going on with us!

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