Saturday, November 13, 2010


This pregnancy is majorly different from my other two.

I understand that I am pregnant. My body is changing and growing. I'm starting to feel movement and realize there is another person going to be joining our family but I think I am still a little bit in denial. I just can't wrap my around the fact that we are having a baby. There is going to be a little person in our house in just 23 weeks. This person is going to need constant care, constant watching, and I need to redevelop my baby mode.

I'm also feeling a little lost...I have forgotten what types of things a baby needs. I know what my big kids need. I'm into big kid toys and gear. I don't want to overload my house with baby gear and yet I want to have the stuff that I will need to make sure that our life continues to go smoothly. I have been looking at baby gear online and on my word there is so much stuff for babies...I know we don't need MOST of it...but I'm feeling overwhelmed at where to start and by how much everything costs!

With the other two I was excited and into baby I'm feeling overwhelmed and nervous...can I really be a mom to a baby again? How will this kid fit into our family? What types of adjustments will there be? It's a little overwhelming at times...

Well, I'm off to unpack more boxes and organize our life so that hopefully by the time this little one joins us we will be settled and ready for it's arrival...I'm also looking forward to December 3rd when we hopefully get to find out the gender so I know whether to call this baby a he or she! If you have any suggestions of what you as a mom can't live without gear wise I would love some suggestions of where to start! I have a swing and I know we will need a pack and play but past that it's been about 8 years since I have shopped for baby gear and I would love some help as I really am feeling a little flummoxed by it all!

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