Sunday, November 14, 2010


Mornings are an interesting time at our house.

During the work week, Dan is the first one up and getting ready for work. He is out the door by 7:00 in the morning...often earlier. I wake up at the same time as him but due to my work schedule I don't have to fight him for the bathroom or anything so I just relax and hang out and get ready for my day. The weekends are different, as I often get up before Dan and he stays in bed longer than me!

Jaron's alarm clock goes off at matter what day of the week. He hasn't figured out yet that you can TURN IT OFF on Saturdays and Sundays! He turns the alarm off and then he is out of bed...often moving to the living room and hanging out there before he gets ready for school or church. He is a morning person I guess...about half an hour after he wakes up he is ready for breakfast! His morning routine is predictable and comfortable for him!

Janea on the other approaching teendom. She could sleep for a year! I often have to wake her up because she has turned her alarm clock OFF...and rolled over to go back to sleep! She is the one that I have to prompt and prod to get out of the I have to remind to get dressed and inform that we are leaving sooner than she thinks! It's challenging but I will say that she does get up when told and she hasn't yet missed the bus or anything because of oversleeping!

And then theres me...lately I can't sleep much past 5:45. I am either starving or really needing the bathroom and then I can't fall back asleep! So I am up early these days! I guess its good training for when the baby comes!

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