Thursday, November 18, 2010

What a Week!

It's only Thursday but I feel like it should be SATURDAY!

I'm tired...super tired....overly tired. I'm sleeping but I don't wake up rested. Not sure as to why, probably has to do with our busy schedule and the baby but who knows.

We have had an eventful week...

Monday Janea missed the bus in the morning...we didn't get out the door in time and the bus drove right past the parent drop-off involved 2 schools! Well, she rode the bus home and got dropped off at the stop far from the house and was walking home when the bus driver stopped the bus and asked her where she actually lives and when she told the bus driver the driver said that she can now be picked up right across the street from the house! PTL! Now I don't have to drive her over, its across the street and if we are running a little behind schedule she can still run and make it! Dan also has made it his mission to have us accomplish a small project everyday afterwork...which is fine...except I think that's why I am more tired in the evenings.

Tuesday was a long day...full of crabby children, and poor listeners in my classroom. I have kids in my class who think that they run the world. It's hard too because we cater to a clientle that is richer than most and so their kids get everything they want and are a little the point of rottenness sometime. It's all I can do to bite my tongue and not get more frustrated than I already am...I so need a different job.

Wednesdays are long days...and yesterday was a VERY long day. I took Jaron to school as normal and then went in to make sure that he got his picture was retake day and he had missed picture day because he had Strep. Then I went to Target to look for a new coat for the boy as his hoodie isn't super warm and he isn't wanting to wear his winter coat yet...I found a nice fleece jacket that is warm and cozy on Clearance! WAHOO! I also picked up another longsleeve larger shirt to wear under my work shirts. So I didn't go home after dropping off the kid and then I went to work and worked till 6:30 and then we had our Dave Ramsey class last night so I didn't even get home until almost 9:00...made for a very long 11 hour day!

So I'm hoping for a good day today. Looking forward to coming home and resting tonight...I may go to bed before the kids...who knows!

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