Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Blah Blogging

I feel like I've been complaining alot on the blog.

I'm sorry...I've not really been myself. Life has hit me with both barrels and I haven't always responded with graciousness...I've been whining and complaining about it.

I'm approaching my second trimester. I'm also starting to feel better physically. I'm not as tired as I was...I still do get tired easily but I am not drop dead tired. My general feeling of yuck is also lessening, for which I am very grateful.

Our life is still moving super fast and there are some BIG changes on the horizon. I will elaborate more as we get closer to the change and have completed the process. It's exciting and tiring all at the same time.

I'm starting to adjust more to the idea of the baby. I'm not excited yet but I am also no longer filled with dread. This was so unexpected and I really thought I was done with the baby phase of life that it really has taken me awhile to adjust to the reality of it all. I'm still apprehensive and stressed by the idea but the shock is wearing off...especially now that I am beginning to show and stuff. Cutting back on caffiene and not being able to eat foods I really like has also been a really big challenge for me. My doctor has told me that a little bit of caffiene daily is not dangerous but I have to be careful not to go overboard. So I am working on moderation of it all.

Well, it's early morning and we got to get out the door soon for school. I'll be back more often and posting more and hopefully whining less. Thanks to my peeps who have been reading and I hope to do better.

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