Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hide em in my Heart

"I'm gonna take God's promises and hide them in my heart! So I won't forget I'm going to hide them in my heart! I'm gonna take God's promises and hide them in my heart, hide em in my heart"...sung to a nice tune...

Tonight at AWANA I talked about Psalm 119 and the verse about Hiding God's Word in our hearts that we might not sin. I love the fact that AWANA has kids memorize the Word of God. It's so important! I still remember countless verses that I have memorized through the years and I am able to recall them when I need too.

It's my goal this year in AWANA to stress the importance of hiding the Word of God in our hearts. It's so important to have that foundation!


Katy said...

That song is being sung here in the Philippines. I think it is my favorite one on the CD.

Ragan and Heather said...

who sings that song and where can I get it? Thanks!