Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Park Outing

Usually when I get home from work I don't go anywhere unless I have too. Sometime we run an errand or two and every Wednesday night is AWANA but other than that I like to be at home for awhile. I like taking it easy and relaxing with the kids. Tonight was different. The kids wanted to go to the park in the neighborhood. I knew it wasn't what I wanted to do but I also knew it was the right thing today so off we went to the park.
Janea has a scooter and Jaron likes to ride it so he got to ride it all the way to the park. Once we got there he had so much fun riding up and down the hill as fast as he could. He named it the Maximus hill! After awhile we went over to the basketball court where Janea was already shooting baskets. We had fun shooting around for a little while before we walked back home. Janea got to ride the scooter home since she didn't ride to the park and she did beat us home, and then informed me that we took too long and she was bored!
I am thankful to spend quality fun time with the kids and the exercise did me some good too. Now it's dinner, showers, homework and bedtime!

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