Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My odd Summer

This summer is different than most summers. 

I love summer!  It's my favorite season, my favorite time of year and my favorite part of the school year.  I love getting to be off work and recharging my batteries.  I enjoy using the time to get my house back in order and get things organized.  I love hanging out with my kids, going swimming, reading books like they are going out of style, trying new things.  I love wearing shorts and tanktops and getting nice and tan!

This summer is different.  Why?  Well, I have been off work since the end of February.  I am not sure when I am going back to work and will have to job hunt again.  So this means I don't really need to recharge my batteries on the work front...they are recharged but I am not well rested. Now I am tired from feeding a newborn and being up a lot at night.    Second, I spend most of my time on the couch with a little boy who likes to eat...and eat...and eat...  I get very little done the way I want to.  I have many things on my to-do list and honestly if I get 2-3 done in a day I feel like I have accomplished great things and they are not big things its stuff like dishes, dinner, and I cleaned up the living room and vacummed...WOW!!!

In a typical summer I don't make the kids go to summer school.  This summer they are both going.  Jaron for 6 weeks, Janea for 3 weeks.  I think it's important that they have something to do since I am not as active this summer due to the limitations with Baby Jayden.  I have forgotten how much time is spent at home with a baby...we go places but I have to think it out more...I know once he is bigger it won't be so limiting but since he's so young it's better to be home more. 
I'm hoping the big kids won't resent me in the long term for a different kind of summer.  We still have stuff to do...VBS at church, summer school and once the new pool opens we will go once or twice...or maybe even more than that...still haven't decided...have to see how things go...All in all this new baby has made life different...good but different.

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