Thursday, October 13, 2011

6 months old!

Look I pulled him over!  FUNNY STUFF!

Aren't I a big and happy boy!

These are my toes and I love them!

Look Mommy I'm helping you put away the groceries!

These are my diapers....mine!
Jayden turned 6 months old on Monday!  Wow Time is sure moving fast!  At 6 months he is
  • rolling over both ways
  • army crawling and scootching
  • giggling, laughing and playful
  • eating solid foods
  • sitting up for long stretches without assistance
  • thouroughly enjoying the great outdoors
  • sleeping for longer 6-8 hour stretches(PTL!)
  • around 22 pounds and super long
  • wearing 12 month old clothes!
He truly is a joy and blessing to our lives!

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