Friday, October 7, 2011

Top 5 Friday

I had a rough day today but I still had good things happen today so here goes my Top 5 this Friday!

1. It's Friday!  HOORAY!!! We made it through another week! 

2.  The Morning Show on KLJC 88.5 FM radio in Kansas City made me smile because it is World Smile Day!  Made me remember to smile today more!

3.  I switched shifts at work today so I got home by 5!  Since I'm tired that means we are all home and life is good again.

4.  Dan went and picked up a Rotisserie Chicken at the store tonight and a few other things so Dinner really was a breeze and Janea made French Fries in the oven so I really didn't have to cook!  LOVE THAT!

5.  Baby Jayden is starting to eat solid foods and really enjoyed his dinner of Rice cereal and Carrots...he totally ate a lot and I am hoping he sleeps good tonight! 

SO what is in your Top 5 this Friday???

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