Sunday, March 4, 2012

Magnet Fun

I was going to write a really profound post on how fast this year seems to be zipping by...but I'm not now.  No, I've been distracted by my 10 month soon to be 11 month old.  He is currently sitting on the kitchen floor with a shoebox full of magnet and he is having the time of his life!  So many colors, pieces and things to do!  Is it going to be a mess...probably, does it worry me, not it keeping him occupied...definitely and that's a good thing.

Jayden is a busy, busy boy.  I've forgotten this phase of life.  My older kids are busy but now you can direct that into other stuff.  Right now Jaron is playing a new Wii game and Janea is off entertaining herself in her room listening to the radio and either reading or working on a project and that is good.  It's nice to have a minute of peace where he is entertaining himself and not looking for attention.  So later we will pick up the magnets and get them out again later. 

I love my kids, but I do get tired of having to keep someone busy all the time.  Oh, gotta go....Jayden is now done with the magnets....

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