Monday, August 27, 2012

A Tale of 2 Sickies

It was the month of August, year 2012.  The children had had a wonderful summer full of fun, swimming, and other merriment.  School was upon us, the youngest starting his very first school at the tender age of 1.  The older 2 starting a week or so later.  The first day back for the big ones.   It was a challenging morning but not terrible, we got to school, we made it okay....Mom had arranged for a switch of schedule and all was good until that afternoon.  Sickness struck!  The poor young toddler had a fever, a high fever of 102 degrees.  We thought and pondered...Is it teeth?  A delayed reaction to a vaccination?  What could it be.  The mother decided that we needed the next day to figure it out so she called in sick.  The night was long, the baby didn't sleep well, so neither did Mama.  The next day, the child refused to eat, was cranky and what is this??  Foul discharge from one ear...this did not bode well and so the mother called the father who came home from work and off they went to the doctor.  The doctor confirmed, there is something amiss in the ear, he feared that an item had gotten stuck inside.....not risking making it worse he sent the couple and son off to the ENT....a specialist to help with the hour later they were seen by the ENT who determined that the item in the ear was nothing more than dead skin cells, puss and other grossness which she was able to suction out.  So the child was on an antibotic and within 2 days feeling much better.

Time passed, life returned to normal.  The eldest child, a girl, was wrapped up in fun and excitement with friends, spending multiple nights away from home.  Upon returning from her second night away she complained of pain in the throat and of a headache that was problematic.  We thought nothing of it, she's tired, there were dogs in the residence of friends, it's probably nothing and she slept the afternoon away.  Upon waking and getting ready for an evening of worship and praise at church she complained of not feeling good.  The mother kissed her forehead and thought she felt warm.  A taking of the temperature revealed that yes the daughter had a fever.  She remained home and rested hoping beyond hope that she would be able to attend school the next day.  Alas, the morning sprung and she was found to still be with fever and her throat was exceptionally sore.  She remained home from school for the day and once the father returned home they ventured off to the Dr. to see if there was something more serious going on.  Its true, it is more serious a case of Strep Throat.  So the daughter is also on an antibiotic and looking forward to feeling much better.

Now the question is...will the middle child join the youngest and the eldest and make this a tale of 3 sickies?

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