Saturday, August 25, 2012

First Day of School--Big Kid Style

My beautiful 7th grader!  Can't believe she is in middle school already!

Jaron, are you coming out to school now too?

Breakfast while waiting to go wait for the bus....little did we know that we were already late!

My handsome 4th grader!  Wow!  Can't believe how old he is!

Ready for 4th grade

Jayden came to wait for the bus with Jaron...thinks he is big stuff!
School is officially back in session!  The first day is always exciting and nerve wracking.  This year Janea and Jaron's schools start at different times.  Janea has to be out the door before 6:30 to make the bus as she starts at 7:30.  Jaron's bus comes around 7:50. 

First day we had the times wrong for Janea's bus and I had to drive her mad cap to school that day!  We have since learned the bus schedule and aside for how early it is daily, we haven't missed it again!    Both kids seem genuinely excited to be back to the normal school schedule!

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