Wednesday, January 1, 2014

So Long 2013....Hello 2014! Let's Be Better!

Okay, I'm a horrible blogger...but I am starting fresh again!

So here it is 2014!  I have to retrain my fingers to type that new number, try and remember to write in on my checks and other items and all around just figure it all the time that happens usually the year is half over!

Last year at this time I was feeling very low.

This year I'm feeling pretty good.  I'm feeling more motivated, ready to face the year ahead and make some changes for the better of the family.

My word for the year is Better as in do everything a little bit better than you did the year or day before.

This hopefully will be fun.  Some areas I want to be better:

  • I want to be a better wife.  To give and be the help that my husband needs and to help him be a better husband to me.  We have been married coming on 15 years this June and I think that no matter how good things may be we can definitely be Better.
  • I want to be a better mom.  I want to teach my children, love my children and help them to grow to be better kids.  This is doable and a growing experience all in one!
  • I want to be a better eater.  I need to up my fruits, vegetables and healthy foods and limit my bad habits.
  • I want to be a better's how I hope to do that

I had Dan move the treadmill upstairs and into the living room.  If I see it everyday I will be more likely to walk on it instead of putting it off when it's in the basement.

  • I want to be a better housekeeper.  This is an area I really struggle again, it will be baby steps but if I am better today than I was yesterday than my house will be better off for it!
  • I want to be a better teacher.  I'm a good teacher but there is always room for improvement!
  • I want to be a better blogger and not fall off writing in May or June and not pick it up for a long time.  I was better last year than the year before but I can definitely do better.

So that's my goal for the be Better.  What's your goal?  How will you be better?

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