Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Whew...the weekend is over, and we are getting back to our daily routine.

This morning was harder than our typical mornings here at home.  The kids were moving at a different pace, the weather is cooler so we had to find jackets to wear along with our shorts, the lunch boxes almost didnt' make it into the backpacks...a very untypical morning for us.

I have my routine in the morning...and I like it and it works for us...just not after a holiday weekend.

Yesterday was a nice day of chores, hanging out as a family, and a nice evening walk at the park followed by Daddy treating us to Shaved Ice for the final tiime of the summer.  The shaved ice place is now closed for the season...we didn't go as often this summer but that's okay...we enjoyed our times of we are looking forward to Apple Cider donuts on a Saturday morning and going to the pumpkin patch.

It's becoming more fall like...the temperatures are ideal...we are waiting and hoping for employment for me and taking things one step at a's a calmness...and we like it!

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