Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Job Update

I'm officially back to work after taking almost 7 months off!

It's been a good first week, I'm still learning the ropes, we have a HUGE over 15 every day.  That is both a good and bad's good because there is lots to do, stuff to learn and's bad because today we had 22 kids and it was CRAZY!!!!  Looks like Wednesdays are the highest day of the week.

Baby is doing good at the babysitter...she loves him to pieces and so do her I am happy about that...and Jayden is taking bottles like a champ and I am able to pump at work and I am producing a good supply to take the next day...also good!

I'm excited to see what the upcoming months hold...learning the routine and working if I blog a little less that's why...

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