Monday, December 26, 2011

What's up with the Jonathan's???

So what has been happening with us this month you may be asking...Where has Erin been and why isn't she posting???  Well, I've been a little bit busy....and here is a short rundown of our busy life!

December is a super busy month full of rehearsals for programs at church!  I was privileged to sing in our church choir and our annual cantata was December 11th!  It went very well!  I was very happy to sing!  That same afternoon we got to go see SEUSSICAL the Musical thanks to cheaper tickets through my school!  It was a great show and the big kids, Dan and I enjoyed it very much(even though we had to sit on the floor)

Thursday the 15th I noticed that Jayden had woken up with a few spots, I thought he might be having an allergic reaction from something he ate and so I took him to the babysitter and I thought nothing of it....well, that afternoon he started running a fever and low and behold he had the CHICKENPOX!!!!  Where he got them I don't know!  So I spent some time at home taking care of a cranky baby and doing my best to keep him comfortable!

Sunday the 18th was the kids program Sunday Night at church!  They did a great job!  I totally enjoyed it and was very proud of both of them!

Last week was full of Christmas parties at school, last minute of shopping, my work holiday party and lots of busyness!  It was a crazy week!

This week is going to be spent cleaning house, getting some new routines into place and enjoying my week off work!  I am thankful to have a Christmas break again and getting to spend time at home with the big kids!  It's going to be a good week!

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