Saturday, December 31, 2011

Final Post of 2011

Wow!  I can't believe the year is almost over!  I've not been the best blogger this year but I am thankful for the blog because I can use it to look back at the year that's gone on and see how God has worked and all the changes that have occurred.

Some big changes for us this year:

NEW BABY:  I'm thankful for a healthy happy boy that we have in Jayden.  He truly is a joy to our lives and we are loving watching him grow and develop!

NEW JOB:  At the end of February I quit my job in order to prepare for baby.  I enjoyed being a SAHM for a while but as the summer drew to a close I was feeling stressed by our financial situation, feeling like the walls were closing in and knew that I wasn't feeling content with where I was in life.  I struggled with this and felt like a failure at times. So I started looking and applying for positions.  All the while I was praying that God would open up the right position for the whole family and lead me to a babysitter who would give wonderful care to Jayden.  I was offered 2 jobs and the one I chose has truly been a gift from God.  I have hours that follow the big kids schedule well, I get longer breaks at Christmas and Easter, I work with people who are building a school program and since we are not corporate owned there is a family atmosphere for both the families of the school and the staff.  I feel blessed to be there!  Also I have found the greatest babysitter who takes such good care of Jayden and loves him like he's her own and I am so grateful for that!  He is in a home, not a center, he gets plenty of one on one attention and truly is thriving!

NEW SCHOOL:  Jaron started a new school in the district and while he didn't like it at first we have again been blessed with a great teacher for him and he is enjoying it!  I am thankful for our school district and the good education both of my kids have been getting!

Some focuses for the upcoming 2012:

Being a Better Wife:  I struggle with my attitude toward my husband at times and I don't express my feelings and stresses in an appropriate way.  I hope to have a proper attitude with Dan at all times and be a good helpmeet to him.

Being a Better Mom:  As a mom now of kids both older and infant I am struggling with the age gap.  I want to be the mom that all my kids need!

Being a Better Housekeeper:  I'm not a cleanie, I am a messie and I struggle big time with this....any and all help in this matter would be appreciated or someone offering to hire me a maid!

Being a Better Cook:  Dan and I love the flavors of restaurant foods but we can't afford to eat out all the time.  We also are trying to eat healthier so I have the goal of making delicious healthy dishes for the whole family that taste Better than eating out...another goal is to keep a cleaner kitchen so cooking is not a big challenge!

So as I bid the old year good bye and look forward to a new year I pray that God will continue to bless us with good health, a happy family and a good life.

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