Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Off to a good Start

2012 is here!  I'm already confused by writing the date on things!  The first few days of the New Year are always more challenging for me.

We spent the first days of the year working hard on getting things organized and working.  It's hard to rearrange and reorganize your life but it is profitable to.  And important.  We have family goals that we are working towards and working together to meet these goals is also very important.

I've decided to tackle the P365 this year.   The goal is to take a picture a day of things that are happening in our life.  It's only day three and I am already stumped at what to take a picture of today but I will figure something out!  It's all good....I'm thinking I will just post the weeks picture instead of a picture every day. 

My word for the year is PURPOSEFUL.   I want to think of the Purpose of the things that I do and the words that I speak.  I think it will be a good focus for me as I am working on things in my life!

My goals for the year:
Clean  the kitchen every day!  Even when tired and not wanting to do it.
Eat more fruits and vegetables
Learn to cook more delicious foods from scratch! 
Be an encourager rather than a nagger in life...
Be more in the WORD!

So those are some of my goals...what are some of yours.

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